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Larry Davis, from Lakeland, Florida, who earlier this year won an on-line competition for a Guy Harvey Outpost Lake Okeechobee fishing adventure, along with his fishing companion and fellow sheriff deputy, Jeremy Goff, landed 30 bass during a morning outing guided by Captain Scott Kerslake.

A St. Mary's County waterman had his commercial license permanently revoked by a district court judge after a hearing on multiple poaching charges.

IGY Marinas, the largest international marina network in the world, announced it is rolling out a new community service initiative project in 2016, Inspire Giving Through You. Spanning two hemispheres, Inspire Giving Through You will focus on community-based initiatives at the very destinations and communities where the company operates its marinas.
This year's event is headlined by a half day fishing trip with Forrest Wood Cup $Million Dollar Winner, Scott Suggs and reigning Classic Champion and Quantum Pro, Casey Ashley, plus lunch with Ranger Boats founder, Forrest L. Wood.

U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) visited the Viking Yachts facility last week to observe firsthand the impact that recreational fishing and the marine industry have on south Jersey and to discuss fishery issues.
With the advent of winter temperatures across the country, Simms is already prepared for the new year with its Spring 2016 line of gear launching today.
On Monday, Nov. 30, CanCooker will extend its message to consumers nationwide via its first national infomercial launch.
The Bro Road Show travels to destinations near and far from his Northern Minnesota compound. This season, focus lays squarely on the epicenter of ice fishing – Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Michigan and Illinois – with scheduled appearances at retailers large and small, independents as well as the destination-type stores with their ceiling-high mountain goats and orca-sized fish tanks.

Flyfishermen everywhere will enjoy the varied, witty, and engaging adventures in Trout Eyes: True Tales of Adventure, Travel, and Fly Fishing, authored by one of America's finest outdoor writers.
With the debut of his new novel Looking Through Water, Bob Rich will be a special guest of West Virginia's Greenbrier Resort as he signs his book Friday, Nov. 27.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas in mind we head to our local Sportsman's Warehouse store and find out how to properly deep fry a moist and delicious turkey for the holidays.

On November 17, Finn McCabe from Berlin pulled in a record-setting 1.2-pound, 13-inch white perch from Ayers Creek as the sun began to set over the Route 376 Bridge west of Sinepuxent Bay and Assateague Island.

Sports Authority's 2015 Black Friday doorbusters and deals will run this Thursday, November 26 through Saturday, November 28 at its 467 locations.
Starting on November 27 and continuing through December 4, 2015, all apparel at will be discounted at 25% off retail.
NOMAD Performance Hunting announce its Holiday Offer. Starting on November 27 and continuing through December 18, 2015, all apparel at will be discounted at 25% off retail.

The St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show, the largest in-water boat show on Florida's Gulf Coast, is set to take place from Thursday, Dec. 3 through Sunday, Dec. 6 at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts - Mahaffey Theater Yacht Basin and Albert Whitted Park along the picturesque St. Petersburg waterfront.
The organizers of the Miami International Boat Show are urging the industry to rally in support of the show, which is mired in local politics.

The Rod Glove is pleased to announce that they have added 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion Randy Howell to their already impressive pro staff list.

State shellfish managers have delayed the opening of the commercial Dungeness crab fishery on a portion of Washington's southern coast to allow more time for tests to ensure that crabs are free of marine toxins.
Join the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, St. Bernard Parish and the St. Bernard Sportsman's League at Sidney D. Torres Memorial Park in Chalmette on Saturday, December 12 for the next installment of our Get Out and Fish! community fishing event series.
In adopting a supplement to the Southern Flounder Fishery Management Plan, the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission has instituted a combination of size limit changes, modifications to fishing gear allowances, total allowable landings and season closures.
The Department will stock more than 70,000 rainbow trout in 31 urban-area lakes around the state for winter trout fishing.
Approximately 2,700 fish were stocked into newly renovated Lake Monroe near Aberdeen. Lake Lowndes State Park Lake, located near Columbus, received 7,200 crappie.

Great bass fishing, premier destinations, exciting competition and hefty payouts are in store for anglers in the Cabela's North American Bass Circuit's sixth season of team-format tournament action.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced today registration is open for this winter's "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" (BOW) program, which is set for Feb. 26-28 in Marquette County.

Plugging Into the Gulf Stream?

by Kip Tabb, Coastal Review

MANTEO — The Gulf Stream passes at times just 12 miles from Cape Hatteras. The amount of water it carries past our coast is massive. In fact, if it were a river, the Gulf Stream would be the greatest river that ever existed on this planet.

""By the time the Gulf Stream gets off Cape Hatteras (it's greater than) the flow of all the rivers of earth . . . 45 times greater the entire flow of every river on earth (at flood stage) is what we have off Cape Hatteras," Mike Muglia of the Coastal Studies Institute said.

A team of researchers and scientists from the institute, N.C. State University and the Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City has been studying for the last two years whether all that water could be put to use to create electricity.

This infrared image shows the warm waters of the Gulf Stream hugging the Southeast coast, moving millions of gallons of water per second. Photo: NASA
"Is there a resource there and is it enormous? Absolutely," Muglia said, then asks the important question. "Is it a viable resource?"

It is still too early to tell, but there are characteristics of the Gulf Stream as it passes the Outer Banks that may make better suited for energy production. As it flows north past the Outer Banks, the Gulf Stream is constrained from changing position by the edge of the continental shelf on its west side, Muglia explained. It veers east into deeper water at The Point, an undersea geologic structure about 40 miles off Hatteras Island, and its course can meander.

"The key point is that off of Hatteras, the variability in available energy at a specific location is due primarily to the variability in the Gulf Stream location," he said.

The Gulf Stream gains three times the amount of flow as it moves north up the Southeast coast. Its flow is measured in svedrups, or Sv — named for the late Harald Sverdrup, a pioneering oceanographer and an early director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California. Off the south Florida coast, the stream's flow is 33 Sv, or 33 million cubic meters per second; by the time the current reaches Cape Hatteras it's flow has increased to 90 Sv.

However, with no banks to constrain its flow, the location of the Gulf Stream is not a constant, nor is the force of the current the same at all times. Because it varies in place and flow as much as it does, if the Gulf Stream is to be developed as an energy resource accurate predictions of its fluctuations will be needed, the researchers noted.

Ruoying He, an oceanographer at N.C. State, develops models of coastal circulation currents. It is the modeling that his group has created that is being used to predict where the Gulf Stream will be and the force of the current as it moves past the Outer Banks.

"I got involved in this project because my team at NC State develops a high resolution computer model to predict ocean circulation off the East Coast of U.S.," He wrote in an email in response to a question. "Similar to the weather forecast, our model provides time and space continuous ocean state . . . predictions. They are quite useful to fill observational gaps and help understand Gulf Stream variability measured by (the) limited suite of observational assets we deployed . . ."

The models He's team have developed have been remarkably accurate, according to Muglia. "We've compared (our) measurements to the model and the model does an extremely good job of capturing the average speed over a long time period," he said.

He notes there is more work to be done. The model has done a good job of predicting the amount of flow in the Gulf Stream and giving a good idea how it fluctuates. However, if the resource is going to be developed, better information is needed.

"A major research area in my team is to further improve the accuracy of our ocean prediction model," He wrote. "The model is doing a decent job in predicting the Gulf Stream variability. We hope, through further model refinements and data assimilation, we can perform accurate real-time . . . forecasts of the Gulf Stream to support (and) optimize offshore surveys and energy harvesting efforts."

Whether the Gulf Stream can be utilized as an energy resource is still very much up in the air. Muglia notes there are a number of hurdles that must be crossed before energy will surge from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

"Is it a viable resource in terms of permitting? Is it a viable resource in terms of economics? Engineering?" he asked.

Those questions, especially the topic of engineering, are being addressed by John Bane at the Institute of Marine Sciences. He points out that the studies that are being done are comparable to almost any study looking at a potential energy resource. "The observations that Mike has made shows very clearly that it (the Gulf Stream) fluctuates. It's very similar to studies of wind energy," he said.

Expanding on that, Bane talked about other energy resources. "If you were out in West Texas and wanted to drill for oil, you would examine and explore where oil might most likely be. This is a resource assessment. That's what we're doing."

The assessments are ongoing and expanding. Initially the instruments used to measure what was happening with the currents were coastal radars, ongoing measurements taken from instrument in the sea and onsite observations. Instrumentation is being increased to look at a broader cross section of the Gulf Stream, giving the scientists a better picture of the energy closer to shore where it may be more accessible and farther out to sea where there may be more potential energy but the cost of engineering would become higher.

The first biological assessments are also being done. The role of the bottom arrays that are used to assess current and flow is being expanded.

"These now have hydrophones on them. We're passively listening and seeing what kind of critters we have out there," Muglia said. "We've certainly observed clicks and marine animals. Some of them seem pretty curious. We have one where it sounds like he comes right up to the instrument."

A place of verdant sea life, the Gulf Stream has been a remarkable asset for the Outer Banks for as long as the islands have been populated. Whether it will be a part of the energy assets of North Carolina is still an unanswered question.

"We really are just trying to understand what the resource is and whether it's a viable resource," Muglia said.

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