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10 Must-Have Bass Lures

Gas prices being what they are, many of us are considering switching to a smaller boat or even a kayak, so we can continue to enjoy our favorite sport. Sometimes we might want to walk the bank of a quarry or a pond where a boat is impossible or forbidden. Usually, the first question that springs to mind is, “How will I carry all my equipment?”. But relax – it’s not that big a deal. After all, plenty of guys fish from shore and carry all their gear!

Bass Fishing Basics First

Years ago (decades, actually), I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar by one of Arizona’s most legendary bass anglers – Art Price. Art always preached simplifying your bass fishing by focusing on the basics, and that’s something a lot of us can benefit from. I’ll be the first to admit that I probably have WAY too much stuff in my lockers.

In a way, carrying less “stuff” makes fishing a lot easier. Back in the day, when our boat was a 12-foot rowboat with a nine-horsepower Merc on it, we caught tons of fish and rarely changed baits. Nowadays, I sometimes switch baits every fifteen minutes – am I giving those lures enough time for a judgment?

You will have to carry less gear if you’re downsizing to a smaller boat, fishing as a non-boater, walking the bank, or even getting a kayak. The trick is knowing what is essential – and Art was the king of preaching essentials.

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