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13 Fishing Supports Collegiate Anglers

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The Association of Collegiate Anglers is excited to announce a continued partnership with 13 Fishing for the 2022 season.  This partnership will include the promotion of 13 Fishing’s student angler discount program, inclusion of 13 Fishing products in various prize payouts at events, as well as offer a wide array of benefits that will help improve each student angler’s skillset.

“13 Fishing is proud to continue to support college anglers. One of our focus’ is to reinvest in collegiate angling. We’ve had a strong program set up for anglers, but now through the ACA we have the opportunity to include a much broader group. College anglers are a major driver in the sport of fishing and it’s a rewarding opportunity for us to be involved with a program such as the ACA who have helped a bunch of us foster our passions for the outdoors.”

13 Fishing is a Florida based company that produces cutting edge baits, gear, rods, and reels for anglers of all skill levels.  A company founded on the most important principle of fishing, the angler, 13 Fishing continues to be an industry leader in producing premier fishing equipment.

At ICAST 2021 this past summer, 13 Fishing added to its expansive line of products with numerous new rods, reels, and baits.  One of the most anticipated product releases was the Origin F1 baitcaster.  The F1 takes pole position in its category of reels, its sleek and low fastback body shape is a departure from outdated reel designs. The F1 carries features never seen before in its category, like the long casting Arrowhead CastingSystem, and Beetle Wing Side-plate that allows for rapid spool exchanges. If you want more for less, this 7-bearing reel claims the top spot on the podium.

“13 Fishing offers a great discount program designed specifically for student anglers,” said Kyle Curry, ACA Managing Director.  “13 Fishing’s goal is to provide these young anglers with the best tools in the game to go out and compete to the best of their abilities, and this program achieves that goal to the fullest!”

As part of this continued partnership, the ACA will work with 13 Fishing in promoting its student angler discount program.  College students will be able to receive a 60% discount on rods / baits and a 40% discount on reels.  To apply for the discount program, visit the Discounts & Incentives page on the ACA website.  Once there, anglers will be prompted to fill out a detailed submission form that will be sent to 13 Fishing for approval.  Approved anglers will then be able to purchase 13 Fishing products at discount.

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