2022 Golden Trout Spawning Complete

SHERIDAN – Another successful golden trout spawning operation wrapped up in July. We collected over 290,000 eggs this year. We shipped 2,636 golden trout brood eggs to the Ten Sleep Hatchery as well as 75,366 golden trout production eggs to the Daniel Fish Hatchery, Mt. Shavano Hatchery in Colorado, Tokul Creek Hatchery in Washington, and Mackay and McCall Hatcheries in Idaho.

Story Hatchery is the only facility in the nation with a captive population of adult golden trout for egg production.  They have complex water temperature requirements that make egg collection from wild stocks difficult and they are very hard to rear in hatcheries. Luckily, Story has proven to be a good fit for these fish.

Golden trout females produce 300 to 700 eggs each year and the approximately 250,000 eggs collected each year are primarily used for fish stocking in Wyoming’s high mountain lakes.

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