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Morehead City, NC – Matzuo America® is committed to continuous product improvement, quality and innovation. Our product development team is dedicated to bringing angling enthusiast the tournament quality in all the gear that they produce and are excited to introduce the new Boji Blade™ Panfish Spoons and Tokyo Rigs and the Red Series Light Finesse Spinning Combos and Red Series Baitcast combos.

Boji Blade Panfish Spoons – Today we are very excited to share with you the new Boji Blade™ Panfish Spoons from Matzuo®.  Every spring right after the spawn, large panfish make a transition out to deeper habitats like weed lines or rock piles.  With warm water all around these fish are extremely aggressive.  However, presenting a bait 15-40 feet deep can be challenging.  This is where the Matzuo® Boji Blade™ really shines.

Matzuo Boji Blades 1


The Boji Blade™ is available in 3 sizes 1/16th, 1/6th and 3/16th  ounces.  Finished with UV tape and glow paint accents – these blades remain highly visible in deeper water and their large profile provides a large target for aggressive mid-summer panfish.


Simply, tip the chained hook with either a chunk of live bait or scented plastic and drop the blade to the bottom.  Once you are in the strike zone pump the blade to create an erratic flash – pausing occasionally and you will be hooked up in no time.


The real bonus with the Boji Blade™ is that almost every species of fish will hit this presentation.  During our extensive field testing we have hooked all types of panfish, walleyes, bass, pike and even a musky.  The chained hook will stand up to the teeth of a larger predator and gives you a real shot to land that surprise monster.

Tokyo Rigs – Today we are launching our new Matzuo® Tokyo Rig 2-packs.  Over the past several years, the Tokyo Rig has emerged as a dynamite new tactic to trigger bass wherever they live.  The team at Matzuo® has taken the standard Tokyo rig and enhanced it by including a double sinker designer with a clacker bead between the sinkers.  This bead adds the element of sound to an already deadly system.

Matzuo ToykoRig

Since our rigs come pre-weighted, they are much simpler to use right out of the package.  All you need to do is pair these with your favorite plastic, and you’re ready to fish! The Matzuo® Tokyo Rigs are available in 1/4, 1/2, and 1 oz weights.  Each weight is available with either a 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0 – EWG hook.


Tokyo rigs are especially deadly whenever bass are positioned near the bottom.  Depending on what plastic you pair the Tokyo Rig with – you can drag, hop, or slowly retrieve your rig by any hungry fish, and they will surely find it hard to resist!


Matzuo® Tokyo Rigs will be available July 2021.

Red Series Light Finesse Spinning Combos – Light tackle fishing continues to be the hottest trend in the fishing industry, and I believe there’s two reasons why. The first is obvious – large fish, light tackle – it is an absolute blast when you do it on light tackle even the smallest fish can feel like a 5 lb. fish is at the end of your line. But the second and probably the most important reason why people are moving to fishing ultralight is because of highly pressured fishing waters.  You see, as more people get introduced in the fishing world, we’re seeing that our lakes rivers and streams are becoming highly pressured, and the fish are hesitant to hit what normally would be a typical application to use.

Matzuo finess combo

So when you move to a light application what you’re doing is two different things. First, you’re giving a smaller profile, something that they haven’t seen before .  But secondly because of the lighter rod and the lighter line, what you’re doing is you’re giving that presentation a livelier action. That’s why for this past year we’ve worked extremely hard in bringing you the Matzuo Red Light Finesse Series.


Our goal is to get as many people out on the water using high end gear without having to pay the premium price for it.   The Matzuo® Red Series Light Finesse combos come in two actions: the 5’, 5’6”, and 6‘ ultralight and the 6’6” and 7 foot light action.


Theses combos feature a premium, 5 ball bearing graphite reel that it’s paired with a high quality, high modulus IM6 rod that’s thin enough and light enough to feel the most sensitive of bites but at the same time strong enough with enough backbone to fight your larger fish. And if that weren’t enough, they’ve given this combo light titanium guides to give it balanced throughout.


The Matzuo® Light Finesse Combos will be available August 2021.

Red Series Baitcast Combos – Our team at Matzuo® has one goal in mind, and that’s to provide fisherman with top quality products at affordable prices. We worked hard at this goal with the introduction of the Matzuo® Red Series Spining Combo which we launched just a few years ago. Today, we introduce to you the Baitcast version in the All new Matzuo® Red Series Baitcast Combo.

Matzuo baitcasters

This combo comes in two different lengths and actions. A 6’10” medium action rod which is perfect for fishing cranks and jerk baits. And a 7’2” medium heavy action rod which is ideal for fishing jigs, plastics, and even top water applications.


The blank is a one-piece IM7 graphite which gives you the perfect mix of sensitivity and strength to handle the most finicky fish, to the more aggressive and larger species. Pair that with a super smooth 3 bearing baitcast reel with a dialed in magnetic breaking system and your ready to get out and catch some fish.


The Matzuo® Baitcast Combos will be available August 2021.

About Matzuo America®:

Matzuo America® is committed to continuous product improvement and innovation. Our success could not be achieved without the efforts of our passionate development team made up of dedicated, hard-core anglers, pro staff, engineers and product designers who work tirelessly to produce the most innovative and cost effective fishing products on the market today. The key factor in fulfilling the Matzuo America®

brand promise is to provide tournament quality tackle at an unparalleled value.


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