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3 Ways Humminbird’s TargetLock® Helps Anglers Up Their Game

Fishing with a trolling motor used to mean an angler’s view of live sonar was at the mercy of their motor’s direction.

Fishing with a trolling motor used to mean an angler’s view of live sonar was at the mercy of their motor’s direction. Wherever they were steering, the transducer beam was pointing that way too. Not anymore.

MEGA Live Imaging® TargetLock® from Humminbird® separates control of the trolling motor and the live sonar transducer, giving anglers the freedom to survey the water as they’re making moves or plotting their next one. That means no more sacrificing boat control for the sake of using live sonar. It’s as simple as lock on and fish on.

With this sonar accessory from Humminbird, the trolling motor and transducer are attached but autonomous. Anglers can steer the MEGA Live transducer independently of the trolling motor, meaning TargetLock can lock its view onto underwater structure even as the boat is moving or anchored.

It’s an undeniable edge for those who fish with Minn Kota® Spot-Lock®. Before TargetLock, anglers had to choose between controlling live sonar or engaging Minn Kota’s groundbreaking GPS anchor. Now, the technologies can be controlled simultaneously, enabling anglers to lock in their desired view and position at the same time. The advantages don’t end there. See three more ways this game-changing is freeing anglers up to attack.

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1: Separating Live Sonar and the Trolling Motor Helps Anglers Seize More Opportunities

Now sonar isn’t just along for the ride. With TargetLock, anglers can view real-time returns on their fish finder, even while they’re steering through wind, waves and current. Aside from manual, independent control, TargetLock also offers MEGA Live Sweep, an automated mode producing a constantly updated 120-degree view of structure and fish — regardless of where the motor is pointed. 

Anglers have several ways to control the transducer: from an included wireless foot pedal on their Humminbird fish finder or with an optional hand remote. The foot pedal can be installed adjacent to the trolling motor pedal, and it can steer the transducer left or right, engage TargetLock and activate an angler’s favorite function, mapped through the programmable One-Boat Network® button. More modes and more controls for more chances to catch fish.

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2: TargetLock Keeps Live Sonar on Fish — Even While the Boat Is Moving

Anglers know fish are down there — it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. TargetLock gives them control of that vision. When anglers find a spot to fish but want to attack it from different angles, TargetLock takes charge by locking the beam onto underwater structure. The angler can then orbit or maneuver around the structure’s perimeter, steering their boat and casting from new angles while their sonar stays trained on the spot.

With an optional dual-mount bracket, anglers can bring MEGA 360 Imaging® into the mix as well. Its constantly sweeping view around their boat means target areas are easy to find and focus on. Anglers simply move their cursor over that area on the MEGA 360 screen and activate TargetLock. Automatically, MEGA Live’s beam will point in that direction and lock onto the structure — readying anglers to cast without any adjustment to the transducer.

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3: TargetLock Teams Up with Minn Kota® Ultrex™ to Give Anglers the Ultimate Edge

MEGA Live TargetLock was engineered specifically for Ultrex, Minn Kota’s top freshwater trolling motor. Upgraded for 2023, Ultrex added more advanced GPS modes (Drift, Dodge and Follow) on top of Spot-Lock. An all-new, adventure-ready version of the motor — Ultrex QUEST™ — is available as part of Minn Kota’s new brushless line of motors. Pair Ultrex’s full arsenal of features with TargetLock, and you have a formidable one-two punch to find and reel in more fish.


Humminbird and Minn Kota work together seamlessly as part of the One-Boat Network®. The system connects Humminbird fish finders with Minn Kota trolling motors and shallow water anchors, allowing each of the products to communicate with one other. It also gives anglers the ability to control the products from anywhere on their boat — on the head unit, trolling motor pedal, handheld remote or phone via the One-Boat Network app. TargetLock offers Minn Kota Steer, the ability to control the trolling motor and transducer through Ultrex’s foot pedal.

TargetLock is compatible with Minn Kota’s 45- and 52-inch shaft Ultrex motors and Humminbird’s APEX™, SOLIX®, HELIX® 7-15 G4 and HELIX 8-12 G3 fish finders.

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It Pays to Fish with Humminbird®

Anglers want options, especially when they’re on the attack. And the dynamic duo of MEGA Live TargetLock with Minn Kota Ultrex gives it to them. Take advantage of Humminbird’s national MEGA Live promotion to save on TargetLock. Purchases of qualifying models are eligible for a $500 rebate if the purchase is made by September 30, 2023, and the purchase receipt is submitted through by October, 31, 2023.

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