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5 Factors for Maintaining and Improving Trolling Motor Performance

When it comes to running a trolling motor on any number of boats (including Kayaks, Tiny Boats, Bass Boats, Deep Vs, Saltwater Skiffs, Bay Boats, and more), the manufacturer, model, and rigging may vary but the fundamentals remain the same. You could have a brand new, top of the line trolling motor or a weathered workhorse that does just fine for you — either way, the fact remains that you’ll get much more out of your fishing experience if you’ve taken steps toward maintaining and improving trolling motor performance.

From increasing the power and longevity of your trolling motor to making upgrades that help you spook fewer fish, you might be surprised at the satisfaction a little tuning can bring. Even better, these types of upgrades are usually inexpensive and easy to do yourself, too.

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