5 Keys To ‘Trophy’ Fishing

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5 Keys To ‘Trophy’ Fishing

Kirk Deeter — Vice President, Editor in Chief – Trout Media

One of the special things about fishing is that it matters to different people in different ways for different reasons. While we all might agree that any day on the water is a great day, I’ve come to believe there are five certain elements that, when added together, equal the best and most memorable fishing experiences. I’m interested in what others think, but here are my five elements of a great fishing day:

5. I catch something. I know, I know. There’s supposedly this level of nirvana where anglers don’t really care about catching fish. If that’s true, I’m not there yet. But I am at a point where I don’t really care how many I catch. It’s more about the how and not the how many.

4. I see something. It’s important to look around a bit when you’re out there on the water. Sometimes you’ll see things — a soaring eagle, a playful otter, a laughing child — that impress memories more lasting than anything that might land in your net. I once had a duck-billed platypus pop up and give me the once-over, just a few feet away as I was fishing the Mersey River in Tasmania. I don’t really remember anything else about the fishing from that day.

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