5 Rattle Bait Tricks You Can Use

When you walk the isles at your local tackle shop, rows of baits upon baits can have a place in your tackle box. But how do you know what works and what you should carry? You may turn towards articles like this to find new baits just hitting the market, or you may take advice from fellow fishermen as you see them lift bass after bass over the side of the boat.

Rat-L-Traps, or rattle baits as some call them, have been a bass staple for many years, but they have fallen off the radar since the introduction of the Vibrating Jig (Chatter Bait). Rattle baits are still top sellers in some markets, but anglers fishing them try to keep them on the down low, trying to downplay the success these baits produce. This article will shed some light on Rattle baits, how to use them, and how to tweak them to put more bass in the boat.

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