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7 Tips for Properly Spooling a Spinning Reel

Regardless of the species you like to fish for, spooling a spinning reel is a task you’ll need to tackle from time to time. There are several ways to spool a spinning reel, and while filling the reel with line isn’t a difficult process, there are some common and frustrating issues that can occur if not done properly. To avoid these headaches, we’ve provided some simple spinning reel-spooling tips. Follow this advice to make sure you spend more time fighting fish and less time fighting your spinning reel and line on the water.

1. Beware of line memory – Monofilament and fluorocarbon lines have “memory.” When they’re wrapped on the spool at the factory, memory causes them to take on a natural curve or curl. Because of this, they need to be spooled onto the reel in a certain way to match this curve. If you go against the memory, the line won’t lie or flow out smoothly, and you’ll spend most of your time fighting it.

2. Lay small filler spools flat – Most common filler, or “pony size,” spools hold approximately 330 yards of line or less and are compact. When using one of these to fill your reel, the easiest method is to lay the spool on the ground in front of you. Start with the spool’s label facing up and turn the reel handle five or six times, keeping slight tension by running the line through two fingers just in front of the reel. Then stop, drop some slack in the line and see if it has large, loose natural curls or if it forms twists. If you have loose curls, continue spooling as you were. If you have a section of twisted line, flip the spool over on the ground so the label is down and try it again. This time, the line will come off the spool the opposite way, and you should get no twist in the line.

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