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74 Exciting New Panther Martin Lures for 2024

Port Jefferson, NY – Since 1958, anglers have been filling their tackle boxes and hauling in fish with Panther Martin lures. The 2024 fishing season will continue to make Panther Martin fans happy and reel in some new fans. Being introduced at ICAST 2023 will be 74 new lures in irresistible designs and color combinations.

Starting out simple with four new single hook lures for 2024 that will make catch & release anglers happy.  The Single Hook Fly series offers two dressed lures in Gold Black and Gold Brown. These lures have a single, super sharp barbed hook. For those anglers looking for a barbless hook, the Single Hook Barbless series will also be available in 2024. Barbless lures will be available in Panther Martin Regular Gold and Rainbow Trout color combinations. Both single hook series will come in sizes 2, 4, and 6.

The new SonicWhammy™ takes the classic Panther Martin® convex/concave blade and splits it at the bottom with an added down turn at the tip. These changes makes a dramatic difference in the thumping and spinning action of the blade. Not only does it send out sonic vibrations, the blade whips around; the combined vibrations and thumping attract fish from near and far. The new SonicWhammy™ series is available in six proven color combinations –  Gold, Silver, Fire Tiger, Tiger Green, Rainbow Trout, and Spotted Black – and 3 popular sizes – 2, 4, and 6.

Hybrid Holographic™ spinners will fluff out the competition. This series have full body dressings that are made with an ultra violet, silky smooth synthetic fiber that has 0% water absorption. That means they stay super fluffy in water creating a bigger profile for fish that are super hungry. As the name indicates, Hybrid Holographics™ are also holographic, so they’ll look one color to the human eye, but will glow in bright, ultra violet colors for fish. Three enticing colors (Silver Chartreuse White, Silver Blue, and Gold Pink Blue) and 3 sizes (2, 4, and6) will have anglers and fish clamoring for more.

If monster bass are your target, the Panther Martin® SonicThumper™ series will have you saying, “take my money, please!”  These spinbaits tout two signature Panther Martin blades in genuine silver plated, genuine gold plated, or a combination of both. The blades spin & thump independently as brightly colored silicone dressings attached to minnow heads flow. Small clear glass beads behind the 1st blade and a swivel in front of the 2nd larger blade create the spinning action that call to the fish. A small 2nd hole in the larger blade also produces bubbles that further add sonic action to this lure. Available in 2 sizes (6 and 9) and 4 colors (White, White Chartreuse, Fire Tiger, and Blue Black).

Finally, we have the SpikeADelic™ series. This exciting new series has some wild and eye popping colors Holographic Bubble Gum, WonderBread, Tangerine Surprise, Hulk, Glow Rainbow, and Fire Tiger. These soft bodied lures have a super sharp, weedless hook, brightly colored and patterned bodies and blades, and a large, bright salmon bead. Since they are ultra violet, SpikeADelics™ appear as one color to the human eye but once underwater, fish see them in all their glowing glory. Available in the 6 colors listed above and 4 sizes (4, 6, 9 & 15).

See all the new lures at ICAST 2023, booth 2802. For dealer info contact

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