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A Buyer’s Guide To Buying The Best Topwater Lures

Topwater Lures

In bass fishing, it would be hard to find something more fun and exciting than catching one on a topwater lure. The explosion on the surface is thrilling and never gets old, which is why topwater fishing is a favorite of just about anyone who’s ever tried it. Thankfully, with the popularity of this type of fishing, there are many different baits to choose from.

With so many options, we broke it down to the following lures that are proven and worth a purchase, but first, here’s a rundown of the five types of hard plastic topwater baits.

Breaking Down The Different Types

Topwater baits are generally walking baits, poppers, ploppers, wake baits, or prop baits. Some blend between two or more different styles of baits with qualities of each, but this quintet covers just about all of them.

Walking baits – The most popular type of topwater baits, walking baits sashay back and forth during the retrieve. This is called “walking the dog,” the action is excellent for attracting bass and getting them to strike on the surface.
Poppers – These smaller topwater baits have a cupped face and will “pop” water with each rod twitch. They are great for casting around targets that bass hide in, such as around bushes, docks, and openings in vegetation.
Ploppers – This is one of the newer styles of topwater baits for bass and features a rotating tail section that “plops” as the lure is retrieved. They are great when the bass want something aggressive and loud.
Wake baits – These baits skim along the surface and cause a wake. Generally fished with a straight retrieve, they are great for calling fish to the surface without too much action.
Prop baits – This style of bait has a small propeller either at the back of the bait or both the front and back. As the bait moves, the props, made of either metal or plastic, spin and add some noise and commotion.

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