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Five EGO landing nets that make kayak fishing more fun and rewarding

Caldwell, ID – Kayak fishing has grown over leaps and bounds over the past decade and a half with vessels growing from once simple, sit-inside boats to sit-on-top, miniaturized bass boats with all the bells and whistles of professional tournament rigs. 

And while it’s easy to get caught up in outfitting today’s ‘yaks with sophisticated electronics and accessories, it’s absolutely critical not to forget about the essentials…like a reachable and reliable landing net. 

Good thing for Idaho, USA-based fishing accessories designer and manufacturer, EGO Fishing, who’s been there listening to kayak anglers’ needs since the start of this on-the-water craze. 

“The thing we identified early on talking with kayak anglers is our nets had to be lightweight, unobtrusive, and easy to handle in confined spaces. So that’s exactly what we came out with,” says EGO Fishing CEO/Founder, Grant Corbett. 

Corbett continues: “Space is limited fishing out of kayaks, so a net designed for this kind of fishing has to slip easily into either a built-in rod holder or one in a crate, which many kayak anglers use. Typically, it seems like a majority of kayak anglers like to store the net in a rod holder right behind the feet for easy access when catch a fish.” 

The #1 Selling Net With Kayak Anglers

Corbett says his number #1 selling kayak net is the EGO S2 Slider Compact PVC Net (72013), which has extra reach, a common request from kayak anglers for landing fish farther from kayaks. 

“The net handle extends from 18” to 36” and its hoop size is 17” x 19” which means you can still land some pretty decent-sized fish from a good reach, but it’s not so bulky, cumbersome, or a nuisance in the kayak. It weighs under two pounds,” continues Corbett.  

The EGO S2 Slider Compact PVC Net is comprised of PVC material for ease on fish and healthy releases. Plus, the woven fabric is tough for toothy fish to cut through, a consideration for kayak anglers fishing salty backwaters, off-shore areas, and northern latitude freshwater full of toothy critters. 

Other Popular Kayak Net Options

Besides the top-selling EGO S2 Slider Compact PVC Net, EGO Fishing’s wade fishing nets were designed to do double-duty for kayak fishing, both in standard and blue camo Kryptek design, all with an 11-inch hexagonal-shaped handle for strength and easy-to-hold fish landings, an 11-inch elastic tether, and 17” x 19” net hoop.   

The EGO WADE Medium Clear Rubber Net (71268) and  EGO WADE Medium Black Rubber Net (71266) are both great options for any angler looking to invest in quality for just over $75. 

The  EGO Kryptek WADE Medium Rubber Fishing Net (75268) in Clear Rubber and  EGO Kryptek WADE Medium Rubber Fishing Net (75266) in Black Rubber are both favorites with kayak anglers around the globe. 

A Serious Kayak Angler’s Testimonial

Northeast, Florida-based pro tournament kayak angler and former guide, Rory Gregg, many Top 10s on the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour and is very critical about the gear he uses. 

“EGO Fishing started sponsoring the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour about 10 years ago, and that’s when I was first exposed to their kayak fishing nets,” says Gregg. “Since day one, it’s all I’ve used.”

While Gregg has fished about every kayak and wade net EGO offers, his favorite is the EGO S2 Slider Compact PVC Net. “I like that the handle extends our super-far for solid fish grabs, as well as its hook-snag-free netting, the fact it floats, and the large hoop. It’s perfect for chasing the ‘Grand Slam’ down here of redfish, speckled trout, and flounder but works great in freshwater, too.”

But Gregg also recommends the benefits of EGO Fishing WadeNets for other kayak angling use.  

“If you’re a novice kayak angler or looking for a smaller net, EGO Wade nets are a great solution. They fit well in the hand, there’s a clip and lanyard you can attach to the kayak, and even if it falls out of the boat, they float so you can pull the the net right back in,” concludes Gregg. 

EGO Fishing Kayak Net Construction

When it comes to kayak net construction, EGO fishing utilizes aluminum, corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, and polypropylene-injected molded parts, besides the obvious netting materials composed of clear and black rubber, PVC, nylon, and coated nylon. 

While all materials have their place, given the photo-catch-release nature of most kayak fishing tournaments, clear rubber mesh helps preserves fish slime coating for healthy release and resists hook snags for faster fishing. And some anglers like black rubber mesh, which is also very soft on the fish’s slime-like coating and fins, too—and will not knot up when being used. 

Note to Retailers

EGO is committed to your store, offering FREE custom fit modular displays for an EGO landing net assortment. The display is proven to improve the net selection process, while bolstering sales through the instant availability of S2 Slider accessories and multiple hoop sizes.  


Fourteen years ago, we set out on a simple mission – to develop a better fishing landing net solution that addressed the many functional and performance problems that existed with the traditional products. What started out as a small landing net company has now grown into the innovation leader in the fishing net and accessories category of the sport fishing industry. EGO products are sold at most major sporting goods retail chains and are carried by a large network of distributors and independent dealers in the United States. Distribution has also grown internationally to include countries such as Canada, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Japan.

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