A Look at Idaho’s Steelhead Run for 2022

Hi everybody. The steelhead season has started in Idaho, and steelhead regulations have changed in the Snake and Clearwater rivers. So, I thought now was a good time to let you all know what the run is looking like and remind you of what the new regulations are.

Idaho’s Early Summer Run (Upper Salmon, Little Salmon and Snake Rivers)

Right now, the vast majority of Idaho bound steelhead that have been passing over Bonneville Dam are early run summer steelhead. These are steelhead that are destined for the Snake, Little Salmon and upper Salmon rivers. These fish on average pass over Bonneville Dam about a month earlier than fish destined for the Clearwater River, South Fork Salmon River, and Middle Fork Salmon River basins. Based on the average run timing for Idaho’s early run hatchery steelhead, 35% of the run should have passed over Bonneville Dam by now (August 8) which allows us to now forecast what this return will be like.

To help portray how this year’s return compares to past years, I have put together the figure below. Once again, this data is only looking at Idaho’s early run hatchery steelhead which are destined for the upper Salmon, Little Salmon and Snake rivers. This data was developed using PIT tag detections collected at Bonneville Dam and compares the run timing and the runs size over the last 12 years. This year’s return is shown by the solid red line and the dotted red lines shows what we are projecting if this year has an average run timing (35% complete by August 8).

Continue treading at idfg.idaho.gov.

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