A New Finesse Bass Jig

Cypress, CA – Known for their extraordinary bass-catching abilities, there’s just something special about rubber-skirted jigs. Pitched, flipped, dragged, or hopped, they simply catch fish—no bones about it. Largemouth and smallmouth bass all eat forage that rubber-skirted jigs resemble—like young-of-the-year bluegills, and, of course, crawfish in all stages of development.

Enter the Ever Green IR Finesse Jig, a rubber-skirted jig unlike any other on bait shop shelves. A new take on the rubber-skirted finesse jig design—like a lot of cutting-edge baits and techniques—the IR Finesse Jig finds its origin on pressured, Japanese waters where anglers are constantly having to find the next big thing.

So, Ever Green is proud to introduce a radical new take in rubber-skirted finesse bass jig design. The lure is sure to please the most discerning anglers looking for that perfect cross between a football-head, round head, grass jig, and sim jig to ply bluegill and crawfish inhabited waters.

Ever Green IR Finesse Jig 2

The new IR Finesse Jig is fraught with stealthy and consequential features. For one, the head is perfectly rounded to drop straight, deflect of structure, and crawl linearly on bare bottoms like gravel and sand. The head’s line-tie is at a 45-degree angle, which accommodates direct line to your rod tip for better feels and control. The intended line-tie angle also assists successful hooksets. Its custom long-shank hook is bloody sharp and unbending. The IR Finesse Jig also features a significant wire bait-keeper to fortify plastic trailers, while a single and double rattle holder on the base of the head allows for an audible addendum for mimicking crawdad “clicks”. Lastly, you’ll appreciate the weed-guard, which extends beyond the hook point, beating back snags, yet keeps the hook gap open for bass inhales and the subsequent hookset.

The IR Finesse Jig is available in three sizes – 5/16-, 3/8- and ½-ounce – and ten uber-bassy colors, to include: DARK GREEN PUMPKIN, BROWN PURPLE, GREEN PUMPKIN CRAW, BLACK BLUE TIP, SAPPHIRE CRAW, DK GRN PUMPKIN BRN CRAW, CLASSIC BROWN, CLEARWATER CRAW, ALABAMA CRAW, and HITE’S HOT CRAW.

Again, designed in Japan to service bass anglers used to difficult, discerning bass on waters like famed Lake Biwa, the Ever Green IR Finesse Jig was painstakingly designed and tested to catch fish when other methods fail.

Ever Green IR Finesse Jig 3

Its design is simple—yet effective. Satoshi Ito, Ever Green Product Manager, comments, “Since Ever Green started designing and building baits, our first concern has been to create lures that look and act realistically. With the IR Finesse Jig, you’ve got a great option for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass that looks and behaves like juvenile baitfish or crawdads skittering along the bottom. It can be fished like a football jig—and dragged on bottom without snags—but also excels as a flipping jig when you want a slightly smaller profile for neutral to negative fish. It also comes through the grass and junk easily for fishing all conditions. All around, it’s just a great bass jig.”

You’ll immediately appreciate the IR Finesse Jig, a bass jig unlike any other. There are numbers of other realistic-looking bass jigs on the market, but none are capable of summoning so many bites.

The bait also casts, flips, and pitches like a bullet. DAIWA recommends throwing it on baitcasting gear with Daiwa J-Braid and a green and brown J-Fluoro Samura Hidden Concept fluorocarbon leader or straight fluorocarbon to feel the slightest movement of the bait and anticipate bone-crushing strikes.


  • Crossover rubber-skirted finesse design with a compact, round head
  • Ten initial crawfish/panfish colors in the bait family
  • Strong, unbending custom, long-shank design hook
  • Wire bait keeper that keeps plastic trailers buttoned and prevents sliding off
  • Single or double rattle holder
  • Plastic brush weed guard that extends beyond the hook point but keeps hook gap open
  • Three sizes: 5/16-, 3/8- and ½- ounce

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