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A Real Goliath

Nashua, NH – Third-generation Cape Coral, Florida resident, angler and charter captain, James Markovits – or simply Marko, as he’s known by most – possesses a degree of creativity and passion for his work that runs deep. And while that’s not particularly unusual among the generally happy relative few making a living in the fishing industry, Marko’s penchant for fishing and reverence for the marine environment transcends the norm.

“We’re all products of our environments, and I’ve been blessed to live my entire life in this paradise above and below the waterline around Cape Coral,” the 34-year-old angler turned television producer says. “It’s profoundly impacted who I am. It’s why I became a professional charter captain; so I could share what I see, experience, and learn in this amazing space on a daily basis with others. Now, my video and TV productions are allowing me to share the same things with even more people.”

Marko has been producing video and television going on four years now. His work is crafted to both entertain and educate. “When people experience something, they tend to understand it better, and when they understand something it becomes valuable,” he says. “That’s why we move past simply having fun and catching fish and push and into the greater realm of storytelling.” Marko’s infatuation with the goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara) – one of the largest species of bony fish on Earth, attaining weights of up to 800 pounds – started out with fishing and soon grew into meaningful conservation work that’s helping agencies like the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) bring this remarkable yet vulnerable species back after decades of population decline. “Whether you’re an angler or not, it’s easy to appreciate this amazing animal,” says Marko, who describes the goliath grouper as a touchstone species in South Florida. “It’s so important to me, personally, that I named my fishing business after it, and now, my television show. We’re a regular partner with FWC and commit a lot of our time and resources to data collection activities that support goliath grouper research and conservation.”

Aside from exciting and diverse saltwater fishing, interesting and fun personalities and conservation-minded storylines, viewers of Goliath Fishing are treated to a cinematic experience that delivers a more complete view of the excitement unfolding. “Some have called it artful, but we really just have a certain way we like to do things,” Marko says. “We aren’t afraid to get into the water, launch a drone… whatever it takes to give our viewers a more complete view of the remarkable things we get to experience, whether that’s an epic multi-species feeding frenzy a hundred miles offshore or a unique cultural aspect of one of the special places we get to visit.”

Goliath Fishing TV raymarine
A good part of the technology Captain Marko and his producer, Mac Hoover, rely on comes from Raymarine, a Teledyne-FLIR brand solely dedicated to the development and manufacture of marine electronics.

“I started working with Raymarine as a pro-staffer about six years ago,” says Marko. “Their sonar technologies really helped elevate my guiding business. It’s almost like witchcraft. Their SideVision sonar, specifically, has been a real game-changer for me in the way I’m able to hunt tarpon for my clients. Now, we use Raymarine products everywhere we go for our fishing and research… here in the states, Africa, Guatemala, you name it. Seabirds are at the center of everything an offshore angler does,” Marko continues. “Find the birds and you’ll find the fish, and Raymarine’s radar and bird-mode technologies – in my opinion – are by far the best on the market.”

“We spent a lot of time filming in spectacular Guatemala last year, and of course we’ll show viewers a lot of what South Florida has to offer, too, in the way of its diverse fisheries… shallow-water grouper bites on the West Coast and incredible pelagics off the East Coast. We have a lot more depth and detail on the species themselves, too… the fish, biology and great underwater footage from their perspective, as well as segments on the research being undertaken by the FWC on behalf of Florida’s anglers, residents and visitors.” Interesting and entertaining guests are also on tap for season three, including appearances by mixed martial arts superstars, Tito Ortiz and Niko Price.

“This lifestyle I’m embedded in… I never would have dreamed I’d be able to explore these fisheries and cultures and bring what I learn and experience to so many people,” Marko says. “I’m so grateful and very blessed.”

Goliath Fishing airs at 7:00 am EST Saturdays on ESPN2. Join the conversation with Captain Marko and Goliath Fishing at, on YouTube and Instagram.

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