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A Shallow Water Anchor that Works Smarter and Harder

How Minn Kota’s® Raptor Gets Down and Stays Down

Every angler knows the value of staying power: when you find an area holding fish, you hold nothing back. Every second counts and every cast matters as you pick apart the places fish are seeking cover. So when you anchor in, you need total confidence that you’re locked to the bottom.

But not all anchors are created equal – especially if they’re built by Minn Kota®. The brand has innovated shallow water anchors significantly in the past 10 years, and no product showcases that evolution more than Raptor.

It works smarter, with advanced sensors that deliver the perfect hold and automatically re-anchor you if your boat loses bottom contact. And it works harder, with a rugged design and increased retraction force. Here’s how it all works together to help you do more on the water.

It Knows What’s Below

Anchoring in a rock bed is a different game than locking down in mud. You need the right mix of power so you can get the hold you need without getting stuck.

You might not know exactly what’s on the bottom, but Raptor does. Its Auto-Bottom Mode measures how much resistance is being applied at the tip of the spike to determine what you’re anchoring into. Then it delivers the perfect hold. More power for rocky situations. Less power so you don’t get mired down in the mud. And it all happens automatically, so that when you deploy Raptor you can focus on fish.

Raptor Inset 01

It Knows When You’re in Trouble

Wind, waves and current are constantly conspiring to loosen your hold and send you drifting away. Gradual movement can naturally unseat your anchor – but Raptor fights back.

Its Active Anchoring feature senses when your hold is slipping and automatically re-anchors you without you having to lift a finger. You keep your hands on your rod and reel, your mind on fish, and your boat in its place.

It’s the main reason 2021 Angler of the Year Seth Feider loves Raptor: “If you’re fishing in waves or you’re on a busy lake and there’s boat wakes, and your boat’s getting tossed around quite a bit, that Active Anchoring will just keep you pinned there. Every time the back of the boat lifts up a little bit, it’s going to push those anchors back down.”

Raptor Inset 02

It Knows Its Way Out

When you’re ready to move spots, time is of the essence. You’re chasing the bite, with your sights set on a new place to lock down and get back to work. Raptor packs more retraction force, so when you hit the button to pull the anchor up, it responds immediately and lets you get moving. That means you’re ready to roll onto your next spot, where Raptor will be ready to do it all again.

Raptor Inset 03

Shallow water anchors are more than a stick in the mud. They’re one of the best ways to master boat control and make the most out of your time on the water. Raptor is built tough, with trusted Minn Kota engineering that stands up to the elements and can take a beating. And its advanced features never stop finding new ways to give you the best hold possible.

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