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A Simple Plan for Crappies from Northland

BEMIDJI, Minn.  – Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple stupid (KISS). Sometimes, there’s a reason the fullest buckets and livewells come at the hands of the most elementary approaches. Catching springtime crappies beneath a properly set bobber, with the perfect morsel, is one of those times.

Watch how crappie ace Nick Cekalla intelligently blankets probable fish holding hangouts with a very simple plan.

Northland video


Bait or not to bait, that is the question. Cekalla, like other panfish aficionados forego live bait, rather relying on invertebrate imitating micro soft plastics. Northland’s IMPULSE® Rigged Bloodworm has been terrorizing panfish for years. Molded with a fine wire Lip-Stick® Needle-Point hook, the dynamic jig features a soft and chewy segmented worm body that undulates and swims like an actual bloodworm. The IMPULSE Rigged Bloodworm comes in six surefire colors, each pack containing two rigged jigs and three extra tails.

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