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A Sneak Peek at Some New Colors

This year Livingston Lures is pulling out all the stops by adding some very exciting color patterns to many of our Predator Series Selections. This new collection of vibrant color varieties will not only add some heat to your tackle box, but will help anglers find success in all types of underwater environments.

The Livingston Lures Research and Development team have worked countless hours to provide patterns and color variants that successfully produce strikes in stained, murky, and overcast situations. When paired with Livingston’s proprietary Electronic Baitfish Sound Technology, these blazing new colors and eye-catching patterns create a disturbance that can’t be missed by predatory fish. As always, Livingston Lures continues to add more exciting varieties of color and design each year to provide an angling edge, while continuing to promise premium quality baits at an affordable price point for anglers and retailers.

Livingston Lures Predator Series hard bait patterns for 2022 include Red Rover – a yellow to red-orange fade with black Bengal back pattern, Green Perch – a chartreuse body and orange belly pattern with black scaled body stripes, and Fire Perch – a hot yellow and orange body with black scaled body stripes. These patterns will be featured on the following Livingston Lures lineup: Squeaky Pete, Pounder, Rachel, Striker 173, Head Hunter, Head Hunter 8, and Head Hunter Magnum.

Several of our down-sized varieties of hard baits will also see new color additions for the 2022 calendar year. These 4 new color variations include Blue Tiger – green to white body fade with blue Bengal body pattern, Pink Crush – pink/yellow/white body fade with pink Bengal body pattern, Candy Corn – black/yellow/orange body fade with dark orange Bengal body pattern, and Yellow Sunrise – green to yellow body fade with black gill spot. These color selections will be available in the following Livingston Lures Predator Series hart baits: Voyager 15, Interceptor, EBS Walleye 136, Voyager 15 Walleye, EBS Walley 90, and EBS Walleye 111.

It is our hope at Livingston Lures that by pairing these exciting new colors with our current collection of hard baits which feature Electronic Baitfish Sound Technology, we’ll tic all the boxes for all predatory fishing conditions. As Livingston Lures expands our catalog to include new and exciting lures for both Fresh and Saltwater, we also remain steadfast in providing premium quality paint and pattern selections that reflect the needs of all of our dedicated anglers.

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