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Caldwell, ID – No fishing trip—whether in a freshwater or saltwater boat, kayak, canoe—or even wading or bank fishing—is complete without the right tackle storage, a quality net, tools and accessories, and a cooler for food and beverages or keeping fish fresh and cold on ice.

A demonstrated leader in the category of all of these fishing products is technical and tactical fishing equipment manufacturer EGO Fishing Gear, a company that has a product solution for every step from successfully netting the fish boatside to transporting to the tournament weigh-in healthy or to the cleaning shack and table in top-form.

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Traditions Media Cofounder, Noel Vick, remarks: “Before they were acquired a couple different times, we worked with the then unchallenged leader in landing nets. I still remember one year at ICAST when an unknown brand was named for a “Best New Product” award. We were floored. And that brand was EGO Fishing.”

“Now, years later, Traditions Media has the distinct honor to be working with them. The EGO crew knows how to engineer the most advanced landing nets and problem-solving fishing accessories and tools. And we know these categories well, and how to intensify EGO’s momentum,” adds Vick.

“Also attractive to us was EGO’s expansion into other fishing categories. They are building some of the most technical and tactical soft-sided coolers, bait coolers, tackle box bags, dry bags, weigh-in bags, in addition to high-end fishing accessories/tools, and probably the best fishing pliers on-the-planet. There’s no shortage of premium gear to talk about,” notes Vick.

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EGO Brand History

Founder and CEO Grant Corbett recalls, “I started EGO in 2004 out of sheer necessity. I was visiting fishing retailers prior to fishing trips looking for products to meet my needs and there just wasn’t a good product selection. In the net and tool space, there had been no change for countless years and the available products were basically the same as what my grandfather bought countless decades ago. I thought I could do it better. So, that’s how EGO was born.”

Corbett launched EGO in a small, 10,000-square foot business in Georgia that was aligned with suppliers who could provide what he wanted to do on the fishing side.

EGO has greatly expanded since and operates out of giant warehouse and office space near Boise, Idaho—conveniently located amidst some great angling opportunities for Corbett and his growing staff.

From a branding perspective, Corbett named the company EGO because he wanted something short, distinctive, memorable, and something with an emotional connection to the angler.

“I’ve never heard a fish story where the fish gets smaller. They always get bigger, so I think every fisherman out there has a reasonably healthy ego, myself included,” laughs Corbett.

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A Fishing Company Run By Anglers

“We all fish a lot and keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on across all fishing markets in the U.S. We have an extensive network of end-users we stay in touch with constantly as well,” notes Corbett.

“I grew up fishing in British Columbia. My dad, my grandfather, and I would fly into a lot of great waters by float plane during summers in northern B.C. That’s where I gained my love of fishing. I grew up in the outdoors with my entire family hunting deer, moose, and everything in between, besides fishing every chance we got.”

Not Another Me-Too

“I intentionally positioned EGO as a higher-end option, but one where the customer would get more for his/her dollar than competitors. I didn’t want to be the cheapest. I wanted to be the best,” states Corbett.

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EGO Design

“All EGO products are conceived by me in terms of concepts, but I have a designer who takes my ideas and vision and brings it to life graphically. Product design and brand design goes hand in hand with EGO. I want the product to look cool, different than anything out on the market, and function the way I want it to. So, we start with the graphic design side of it and then go to engineering and let our team tell us if we’ll have compromise anywhere. It’s really the design that drives everything,” offers Corbett.

EGO Products and Customer-Base

Corbett says that while he sells a lot of products to inshore, offshore, fly anglers, and others – and the legion grows.

EGO offers a vast selection of nets for boat fishing, bank fishing, wade fishing, river fishing, kayak fishing, float tube/small jon boat fishing—really, the entire spectrum of fishing applications.

“We also have the EGO Big Game series for muskie, salmon, saltwater, and catfish anglers—and a very popular bass fishing-driven series of nets with shorter handles. We cover all the bases,” adds Corbett.

In terms of their number one seller by volume, that’s the S2 Slider-Reach PVC Large PVC landing net.

“You can use it bass fishing, walleye fishing, and saltwater fishing. It’s the all-around best net solution. The handle extends to 60” and that’s just the handle,” notes Corbett.

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The Only Modular Net System On The Market

EGO is the only company that offers a truly customizable net solution. Anglers can select from different hoops, netting materials, and handles to meet their specific needs. This is also unique in the opportunity for retailers to carry all the components they need to customize solutions that perfectly match individual angler needs.


Fourteen years ago, EGO Fishing set out on a simple mission – to develop a better fishing landing net solution that addressed the many functional and performance problems that existed with the traditional products. What started out as a small landing net company has now grown into the innovation leader in the fishing net and accessories category of the sport fishing industry. EGO products are sold at most major sporting goods retail chains and are carried by a large network of distributors and independent dealers in the United States. Distribution has also grown internationally to include countries such as Canada, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Japan.

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