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ADF&G Participates in International Pan-Pacific Expedition

Juneau, AK — The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) will take part in the 2022 International Year of the Salmon Pan-Pacific Expedition to conduct the largest ever research expedition to study salmon and their ecosystems in the North Pacific Ocean.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) ship Bell M. Shimada will leave Port Angeles, WA on February 1st to survey the Western Gulf of Alaska. Several ADF&G staff, along with our colleagues from NOAA and other organizations, will be onboard the U.S. ship. Many more will continue to be involved in processing and archiving samples, data and laboratory analyses, and logistical support at Alaskan ports.

Teams of scientists from Japan, Canada, USA, Republic of Korea, and Russia will be surveying salmon across the North Pacific Ocean during the same time, providing the most comprehensive ocean assessment of salmon and their ecosystem to date. This International Year of the Salmon Pan-Pacific Expedition is a product of the North Pacific Anadromous Fishery Commission, on which Alaskans serve as commissioners, advisors, and science experts. Tremendous international support and funding from governments, funding organizations, non-profits and private donors have enabled this endeavor.

Much of the marine life of Alaskan salmon is unknown and is difficult to study because they make sprawling migrations throughout the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. However, this expedition provides a unique opportunity for ADF&G to work collaboratively with partners across the Pacific to gather this much-needed information.

“Data gathered from this expedition will give us an incredible amount of knowledge in the one part of the salmon life cycle where we know the least, the marine environment.” said ADF&G Chief Salmon Scientist Bill Templin. “It will be good to have a more complete picture.”

Daily updates while the ship is at sea will be provided on the ship’s page, accessible through the linked website below. Compelling photographs, videos and scientist accounts will also be available to document this effort.

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