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Albies: Connected From Cape Cod To Florida

ASGA firmly believes the story of the false albacore is still unwritten. Albies have a cult following throughout the Atlantic coast. They’re valuable for many key angling communities – more than some understand or are willing to acknowledge. That’s why we embarked on The Albie Project: a dynamic intersection of passionate anglers, cutting-edge science, and proactive fisheries management.

If you’re new to the project and want a  better understanding of the baseline from year one, head to our  Albie Project Hub by clicking here. If you’ve been following along and supporting the project through engagement, tagging or  purchasing custom ASGA Albie Gear, we have some extremely exciting news for you.

We heard some repetitive comments during our campaign to acknowledge the value of this species and establish baseline management for Little Tunny, mainly from the southern end of the coast:

“These fish are different from the ones you guys love up north.“

“They just go offshore from here. They are bluewater fish and shouldn’t be viewed through the lens of a connected nearshore species.”

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