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American Baitworks Deepens Product Portfolio

Ocean Springs, MS – American Baitworks is coming to ICAST with some big additions to the company’s product portfolio – the most we’ve ever launched for the company. Leading the way are, BaitFuel Infused Soft Plastics from NetBait which includes 4 new bait styles like the NetBait Lollipop DS (Drop Shot) as well as, proven winners like the NetBait Paca Slim, now with the added power of BaitFuel. The company is also introducing new products through our Freedom Tackle, Snag Proof, and Scum Frog Brands adding more depth across our portfolio of brands:

BaitFuel Infused Soft Plastics

 Developed in a Lab – Proven on the water, BaitFuel is SUPERCHARGED with F.A.S.T. – Fish Active Scent Technology –scientifically engineered to stimulate a fish’s predator instinct. BaitFuel provokes key predator aggression habits in fish stimulating more bites and longer hold times for your bait. BaitFuel keeps fish biting, cast after cast, even on pressured bass by creating a scent cloud around your bait. BaitFuel expands your strike zone and brings more fish to your bait.

 BaitFuel is the next generation of scent technology. BaitFuel’s X55 Formula is injected directly into the bait with powerful attractants and taste enhancers that fish bite – cast after cast after cast. Using a revolutionary manufacturing process to infuse directly into traditional soft plastic baits, BaitFuel supercharges all the go-to color patterns and shapes that anglers demand, for optimal performance! BaitFuel-powered baits deliver a true TRIPLE threat.

 NetBait ION

With its subtle natural action and perfect fall rate, The NetBait ION with BaitFuel will positively catch more fish! The secret to the ION’s performance is the amount of BaitFuel infused in the body, which creates a perfect fall rate with a subtle side-to-side wiggle releasing a powerful scent cloud around your bait to trigger a predatory response in fish.

 NetBait Lollipop DS

The evolution in finesse baits is the Lollipop DS!

 The Lollipop DS (Drop Shot) is infused with BaitFuel and is the go-to for a drop shot and other finesse techniques.

 The Lollipop has a tapered body with an enlarged tail section giving this bait an authentic look that mimics virtually any baitfish. Available in all the fish-catching colors that mimic prey, the Lollipop DS is neutrally buoyant so, it can be fished in any situation where you want to keep the bait elevated off the bottom.

 NetBait Mega Bopper

The NetBait Mega Bopper Worm, infused with BaitFuel will give you Mega VIBES as a magnum-sized version of our popular Big Bopper. The Mega Bopper is a great all-around choice for any shallow or mid-depth fishing situation as a swimming worm. It can be fished through any grass or vegetation you want to throw at, rigged as a Carolina-rig, Texas-rig, or weightless.

 It’s fitted with a sharp, U-shape tail for mega-vibration plus a beefed-up body that gives it great castability. The Mega Bopper is infused with BaitFuel, which contains our exclusive X55 F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology) formula that generates more bites. This worm is perfect for fishing around vegetation with its larger profile and ultra-vibration tail.

 NetBait BF Toad

Buzzing the new BF Toad across the water’s surface will produce jarring strikes on its own or add it onto the back of a buzz bait for the ultimate vibrating/kicking trailer. 

 The BF Toad is the ultimate search bait that will bring the bass to you with the perfect amount of action and noise. Rigged weedless, the bait will easily come through any cover from slop and cheese to lilies and grass. 

 Fish it at varying speeds to alter what the fish hears and sees as the BF Toad swims by or try burning it across the surface to search and find bass, then pick your area apart with a NetBait worm or creature bait.

 The BF in the name stands for BaitFuel which is infused throughout the body of the bait. BaitFuel is scientifically proven to trigger a predatory response in fish and will keep them holding on longer when they erupt on the NetBait BF Toad from American Baitworks.

 NetBait Paca Slim

Double Down with Paca™ Technology in the solid-body design of the Paca™ Slim with NetBait’s patented claw design. The Paca™ Slim was developed to maximize Flaps-Per-Second with a 180-degree pivot ratio in an alternating pattern when swimming or jigging. When flipped or pitched, the claws of the Paca™ Slim have a helicopter effect which slows the decent of this bait. The Paca™ Slim features a solid and sleek, round-ribbed body that can easily be applied to any Texas-rig, and a spectrum of jigs. Now infused with BaitFuel and salted to perfection, which supercharges all the go-to color patterns in the Paca™ Slim that anglers demand.

 NetBait Dagger

The Dagger delivers an innovative flex-wing design to give the bait a unique gliding action. The 4.5″ Dagger relies on a compact body core to easily allow for a large Texas-rig flippin’ hook while the thin, flex-wing design compresses quickly to improve hook penetration. BaitFuel expands the strike zone of the Dagger and brings more fish to your bait. The flex-wing also integrates forward-facing angled ribs into the design to improve water displacement and the natural swimming action that fish love.

 NetBait Drifter

One of the best baits available for finesse applications like drop shot, jig head, and the Flatty Jig. A classic, handcrafted, hand-poured bait with a year-round application for bass, walleye, and ice

fishing. The Drifter is infused with BaitFuel, which contains our exclusive X55 F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology) formula that generates more bites. The Drifter is 2.75 inches/69 mm in length. Super soft, and infused with BaitFuel, the Drifter moves freely in drop shot applications without you having to shake it. 3D eyes give the Drifter a life-like appearance to get every fish to stop and have a look. 

 NetBait Drifter Minnow 

The Drifter Minnow is designed for serious smallmouth anglers with subtle features that bring the perfect blend of art and science to smallmouth fishing. 

 The secret of the Drifter Minnow is centered around the hand-finished 3D eyes that truly mimic a baitfish coupled with a unique, pintail design that delivers unreal action when the bait is presented as either a drop shot, vertical jig, or with the Flatty Jig. 

 The Drifter Minnow boasts the same key features that make all Drifter series baits so good; premium high float plastic infused with BaitFuel gives the bait incredible action accentuated through a ribbed body design and in colors that smallmouth can’t resist. 

 NetBait B Bug

The B Bug is a versatile and legendary bait. It can be fished weightless in pads, on shallow weed lines to give an ultra-slow fall rate and swimming action, or on the back of a jig. Also, try it on a Carolina-rig or even give it some chatterbait love. The bigger profile, texture, and movement catch the attention of every cast.

 You can also Texas-rig the B Bug with a Freedom Tackle Tungsten Weight to change your fall rate and dial into what the fish are looking for. right up to a punch-weight for heavy cover action.

The B Bug is a compact bait. The body has large rings that create a disturbance, and the center of the body is recessed for better hookups—guaranteed fish-catching performance!

 NetBait Crush Worm

The Crush Worm is one of the most life-like baits available on the market today, thanks to a super-soft, high-float plastic integrated with BaitFuel – the ultimate combination to get fish to bite and hang on! The three size profiles give anglers the option to size down between the Crush Worm and Jr. Crush Worm for more subtle presentations or use a slightly wider bait profile with the Stumpy Crush.

 The Crush Worm has quickly become the mainstay drop shot bait for a wide range of anglers. We recommend using an extremely subtle technique with minimal rod tip movement as it’s been proven, consistently that slight twitches and dead sticking of the Crush Worm optimize the bait’s performance. Finesse Fishing just got even better with the NetBait Crush Worm infused with BaitFuel giving it the triple threat of color, action, and powerful scent performance.


 FT Ultra Diver Shad

The Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Shad from American Baitworks is changing the way anglers’ fish with a deep-diving crankbait. The forward-weighted design and clover leaf bill create a radical deflection action off structure and ensure that this bait stays at maximum depth for longer. Plus, with a seamless one-piece bill design and sonic-welded body, you can be sure this bait will last through even the most intense battles. Finished with premium black nickel hooks – available in two sizes…pick your color and tie on a Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Shad!

 FT Ultra Diver Minnow

The FT Ultra Diver Minnow is just the bait you need to up your fishing game. The design team at American Baitworks developed the FT Ultra Diver Minnow with a forward-weighted design which ensures the minnow is primed and ready to dive deep as soon as it hits the water. The cloverleaf bill design also creates a radical deflection action that is sure to attract fish. This bait is built to perform, with a 3-piece sonic-welded body, an integrated one-piece bill, and premium VMC black nickel hooks that come together to provide ultimate durability, action, and strength. You’ll be cranking in big ones in no time with the Ultra Diver Minnow.

 Jeremy Lawyer Magnum Shakey Head

Go Big… finesse style with the FT Magnum Shakey Head! Designed by Major League Fishing Pro Jeremy Lawyer in partnership with the team at American Baitworks, this magnum shakey is armed with an extra durable powder-coated, uniquely shaped head. This head shape allows your bait to stand-up better off of a mix of bottom cover, and to come through rocks and structure, without getting snagged.

 The FT Magnum Shakey Head sports an oversized Black Nickel hook with a 45-degree rotated flat-eye which translates power from your hookset directly through to the hook for maximum penetration. The hook is perfectly aligned with a premium center screw lock to keep your bait firmly in place.

 Available in multiple sizes in Black and Green Pumpkin with each size stamped on the head.

 Speed Freak Spinnerbaits

Run it as fast as you want with this keel head spinnerbait designed to keep its head down and stay down on those Mach-speed retrieves! The new Speed Freak Spinnerbait can achieve high-speed retrieves because of its unique down-winged head design that slices through the water while also creating downforce with the bait.

 The head design is finished with a 2-barb super sticky bait keeper that is fully integrated with our premium black nickel hook – sized matched for the spinnerbait weight which, is size-stamped directly on the head. The head design also relies on a proprietary collar to increase skirt flair.

The other key to the Speed Freak’s performance is the patent-pending Kilter blade which allows for an erratic action from the bait and the skirt that guaranteed fish haven’t felt before with an absolutely unique vibration & flash!

 Compact and Full Frame versions are available in multiple sizes and colors. 

 Freedom Tackle Finesse Jig 

Master the finesse game and get the perfect presentation every time with the FT Finesse Jig. The tapered lead head provides a streamlined profile, while the double-barb bait keeper ensures your trailer stays put. The head design is tapered down to reduce the head size and extended down the hook shank for a more horizontal fall. The powder-coat finish in multiple color options ensures maximum paint durability. Choose from multiple sizes to find the perfect FT Finesse jig for your fishing needs.

 FT Tailspin

The Freedom Tackle FT Tailspin by American Baitworks is a versatile bait perfect for targeting bass or walleye. FT Tailspin features a hard body that wobbles and generates an erratic swimming action all the way to the boat. This bait was designed to be fished slow, with maximum action relying on our patent-pending Kilter Blade that’s built with a unique shape that creates increased flash and action, even on an ultra-slow retrieve.

 The FT Tailspin is available in multiple sizes with premium black nickel treble hooks. Fish it year-round in almost any depth! When you hook into a fish on the Tailspin, it’s going to be an epic fight!

 5.5” Mischief Minnow

Bigger and BADDER – the 5.5″ Mischief Minnow is the perfect bait for those looking to take their fishing game to the next level. With its durable paint finish and great castability thanks to an all-new Weight Transfer System, this bait is ready to take on any predator. 

 The patent-pending Kilter Blade design gives this bait an extra edge creating a captivating flash and vibration that predators cannot resist, while also making it easy for everyone to fish correctly. Additionally, the through wire design ensures that the pull point is connected to all hooks on the bait, making for a stronger hold. With multiple colors to choose from – the Mischief Minnow is going to get’em good on the water.

 Scum Frog 

 Launch Frog XS

A smaller Profile can equal BIG BITES. The all-new, ultra-long casting Launch Frog XS is the new pinnacle of technical design and performance in a topwater frog in a sized-down version of the original Launch Frog. 

 The key to the Launch Frog XS’ performance is the unique tungsten “parasite” weight system which adds weight without the bulk to the hook shank. This allows the Launch Frog XS to achieve long casting distances with a smaller body size. The Launch Frog XS gives you

maximum distance in a smaller profile topwater frog while premium frog hooks and high compression body deliver the highest hook-up rate possible in a hollow body frog. The Launch Frog XS delivers a super-soft high compression wide-body design wrapped around a premium 5/0 double frog hook for maximum water displacement and buoyancy.

  The Launch Frog XS also takes advantage of the famous Scum Frog brass button rear-weight to maintain a nose-up frog profile critical to frog performance. Every Launch Frog XS is finished in a 40-strand premium silicone skirt.

 Snag Proof 

 SmashMouth Popping Frog

The SmashMouth Popping Frog is built around Snag Proof’s custom 5/0 double frog hook which rests perfectly on the back of the frog to make the frog virtually snag-proof and the point angle has been engineered for max hook-up ratio. The streamlined shape of the SmashMouth ensures impressive casting distance and the ability to SMASH through the thickest cover.

 Each SmashMouth body is digitally painted based on hand-designed colors by the award-winning, American lure designing legend, Andrew Gardner. The front end of the SmashMouth is engineered to maximize both popping action and water displacement to generate more bites while allowing the frog to track well when being worked aggressively in open water or through sparse cover. The versatility of the SnagProof SmashMouth makes it a MUST ADD to your frogging arsenal. Available in 12 color designs, the SmashMouth Popping Frog is the deal!

About American Baitworks

American Baitworks Co. is an innovative American-based fishing tackle company that provides custom manufacturing of fishing lures and products for our customer’s specifications. Our family of brands includes BaitFuel, NetBait, Halo Fishing, Snag Proof, Scum Frog, Freedom Tackle, and STH Bait Co. Our passion for fishing runs deep at American Baitworks Co., where our focus on innovation and advancing the sport of fishing never ends. From our manufacturing and distribution center on the coast of Mississippi, USA, we want anglers of every level to have the best experience every time they’re on the water.

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