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Anchored Outdoors with April Vokey Joins The Waypoint Podcast Network

Austin, Texas – March 11, 2022 – WAYPOINT TV, The world’s leading entertainment destination for hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure programming content is proud to announce the addition of the incredibly popular podcast Anchored Outdoors with April Vokey.  Listeners can stream all 200+ episodes of Anchored Outdoors on the Waypoint TV app or at

The idea for the Anchored podcast struck April in 2014 at the end of a long guiding season. Earlier that year, she had wrapped up the first few episodes of her television series, “Shorelines with April Vokey”. As she scribbled the show’s narration in her notebook, she had no choice but to cut her long-form interviews into two-minute sound bites.

Story after story landed on the cutting room floor, threatening to never see the light of day. The problem was that some of her guests were in their 90s—they were unlikely to tell their story again in such depth. Plus, almost all of them lacked access to social media, an internet connection, or the ears of the younger generation. It was at that moment when she had the idea to start a podcast. Unsure what to call her new project, she walked back and forth between guests, helping them land their fish and improve their casting. She brainstormed show names while instructing on auto-repeat, “slow down your cast, you keep popping your anchor…” And just like that, the Anchored podcast was born.

I’m excited to introduce a new audience to the show’s incredible guests and their stories. Each and every interview leaves me humbled, curious and inspired. It’s my hope the show will do the same thing for everyone who tunes in to listen,” stated host April Vokey

We are thrilled and honored to have April coming on as part of the Waypoint podcast network. She is an incredible voice in the outdoor industry, inspiring both men and women to have a positive impact on the outdoor community,” added Zach Rollins Waypoint Account Executive

Tune in to watch and listen on the Waypoint TV App, along with Samsung TV Plus (Channel 1184), SLING®, VIZIO (Channel 258), Local Now (Channel 480), PLEX (Channel 141) and more or wherever you stream content.

About Waypoint TV

Launched in 2016, Waypoint is a modern media company building the world’s leading entertainment destination for hunting and fishing programming content. Waypoint is dedicated to providing “access to the outdoors” through its multiple tv and digital platforms including their online streaming video, apps, live channels and podcasts. Now there is no off-season.

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