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Angler Paid Almost $70,000 for Catching Pikeminnows in 2022

A summer spent fishing brought in nearly $70,000 for one angler who turned in the northern pikeminnow they caught in the Columbia or Snake rivers.

The top earner in the Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program from May through September this year was rewarded with $69,230. And the person who earned the second highest amount collected $63,700.

The totals for 2022 were higher than 2021 after the reward program raised the bounties they paid per fish turned in.

Previously payments started at $5 per fish, but this year the program paid $6 each for the first 25 pikeminnow; $8 each for 26 to 200 pikeminnows; and $10 for each after 200 for the entire year.

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