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Applicants Sought for ASMFC Advisory Panels

The Division of Marine Fisheries is seeking qualified applicants to serve as a Massachusetts representative on the stakeholder-based Advisory Panels of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). The ASMFC is the interstate management body (Maine–Florida) that adopts fishery management plans for nearshore, migratory species in state waters. Species-specific advisory panels provide information and recommendations to the Management Boards that determine mandatory management measures for the states’ implementation.

Specifically, the Division is looking to fill the following state vacancies on ASMFC Advisory Panels:

  • American Eel: commercial harvester or dealer/processor
  • American Lobster: commercial harvester or dealer/processor
  • American Lobster: recreational harvester
  • Bluefish: recreational harvester or for-hire vessel captain
  • Summer Flounder/Scup/Black Sea Bass: recreational harvester
  • Summer Flounder/Scup/Black Sea Bass: commercial harvester or dealer/processor
  • Shad: recreational harvester or other interested party
  • River Herring: recreational harvester or other interested party
  • Striped Bass: commercial harvester or dealer/processor
  • Winter Flounder: commercial harvester
  • Winter Flounder: recreational harvester

Candidates must be knowledgeable and experienced in ways related to the fishery and resource for which membership on an advisory panel is being sought. An understanding of the current management challenges and ability to constructively discuss competing viewpoints are key to successful participation. Advisory panel members volunteer their time; meetings are generally held 1–3 times per year (depending on the frequency of management actions) and are often conducted virtually. More information about the ASMFC’s advisory panel process can be found within their Advisory Primer available at:

Interested to apply? Please contact Nichola Meserve at to request an application, or to ask any questions. The Division intends to submit nominations for select, qualified applicants in time for approval at the ASMFC’s next meeting in August 2022. To be considered in this round, your application must be received by June 30, 2022.

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