Aqua-Vu: Share and Record Underwater Video with Ease

Crosslake, MN (Date) – Underwater video is the definitive tool for identifying structure, locating fish, and learning about the subsurface environment. At ICAST 2021, Aqua-Vu — the industry leader in innovative underwater viewing solutions — unveils the new AV Connect HD: A device that seamlessly delivers high-definition Aqua-Vu video to compatible smartphones and tablets. Viewing, recording, archiving, and sharing underwater video has never been easier.


The AV Connect HD is a pocket-sized device that streamlines video transfer from high-definition Aqua-Vu camera systems to compatible tablets or smartphones. An internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting power to the AV Connect HD for hours of viewing fun in the boat or on the ice. The compact form factor and robust metal housing of the AV Connect HD ensure that it can accompany you on every underwater viewing adventure. 






With the AV Connect HD, underwater video is seamlessly shared with, and saved to, compatible smartphones and tablets.




Delivering underwater video from an Aqua-Vu camera to a mobile device using the AV Connect HD is quick and easy. First, an HDMI cable connects the Aqua-Vu viewing system to the AV Connect HD. Then, the tablet or smartphone’s USB cable provides the link between the AV Connect HD and the mobile device. With these connections in place, users can view, record,  and save digital Aqua-Vu video on their device using Aqua-Vu’s exclusive ClickFish App.


The new ClickFish app is available now for Apple iOS devices and soon for the Android platform. Users can view, record, archive, and share underwater video and still imagery on their mobile devices with this free, easy-to-use app. Saved videos and images are incorporated smoothly into the device’s photo library for easy editing and sharing. 




AV connect video




“I rely on my Aqua-Vu underwater viewing system on every trip, both in the boat and through the ice,” notes Dr. Jason Halfen, owner of The Technological Angler and a specialist in leveraging modern technology to find and catch more fish. “The new AV Connect HD instantly increases the versatility and power of my Aqua-Vu camera. First, it immediately doubles the number of screens that display live underwater footage by streaming the Aqua-Vu video feed to my phone. Now, my guests can use the big screen —  the Aqua-Vu’s own 7 or 10” display — to see what’s happening below while I keep an eye on things using my phone or tablet. Second, the AV Connect HD and the ClickFish app dramatically simplify the video recording process by saving high-definition underwater video right onto my mobile device. I can quickly post a quick highlight clip of giant fish or cool underwater structure to one of our social media streams or text it to my fishing buddies while I’m on the water.  When I get home, all of that recorded footage smoothly transfers from my phone to my laptop and desktop to edit, archive, and use in our training seminars and workshops. The AV Connect HD is the underwater video sharing and recording system we’ve all been waiting for!”


The complete Aqua-Vu AV Connect HD system includes the device and a Micro USB to USB A cable to charge the internal lithium-ion battery. The AV Connect HD will be available soon with an MSRP of $299.





Long-lasting Internal Lithium-ion battery

Robust Metal Housing

HDMI Input Port for High-Definition Video from Aqua-Vu Camera

USB Output Port to Phone or Tablet 



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