Aquatic Biologist II Candidates Sought

Come join us in the outdoors as we work on great fisheries in the central part of Utah. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is seeking a fisheries/aquatic biologist, who will implement fisheries-monitoring techniques and help make management decisions on lakes, reservoirs and various rivers and streams in central Utah. Note: Preference will be given to applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher in fisheries, aquatic biology, wildlife management or a directly related field and/or to those with full-time related experience.

Principal duties

As an aquatic biologist, you will:

  • Conduct field inventories, surveys, monitoring and other assessments of lake, reservoir and stream aquatic populations. Primary responsibilities will be on flat waters within central Utah including Utah Lake, Deer Creek Reservoir, Jordanelle Reservoir, Yuba Lake and others.
  • Analyze biological data and interpret results, write reports summarizing findings and develop management recommendations.
  • Coordinate management activities and programs on specific waters within DWR and with other agencies and the public.
  • Represent the DWR on various teams or committees, including the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council, angling organizations and other non-governmental organizations.
  • Disseminate biological information to the public through personal communication, media outlets, reports, social media and other methods.
  • Hire, supervise and train seasonal technicians.
  • Stay current with professional training and certifications.
  • Become a key member of a new Utah Lake Fisheries Management group to assess and recommend management options for the fishery in Utah Lake.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in fisheries management or a closely related field.
  • Experience working with flat-water systems and the ability to share information about those systems with anglers and other constituents.
  • Knowledge of fisheries techniques and familiarity with equipment, including gill nets, electrofishing gear, seines, trap nets, boats, motors, angling gear, ATV use, trailers, etc.
  • A basic understanding of fisheries-management concepts and the ability to analyze data and effectively write reports. Effective communication with the public about central Utah’s fisheries is a high priority.
  • A basic understanding of applications and statistical packages used in data analysis, including Excel, SAS, Program R, Sigmaplot or others.
  • An understanding of cold-water, cool-water and warm-water fish species and what their populations need to survive.
  • The ability to plan and implement year-long plans to effectively and systematically sample waters within the area of responsibility.
  • An understanding of fish habitat needs and the restoration techniques used to improve habitat to benefit fish populations.

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