Arkansas’ Lake Poinsett Renovation Complete

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Arkansas’ Lake Poinsett Renovation Complete

As Lake Poinsett in Poinsett County is brought back into fishing shape thanks to a three-year renovation project by the AGFC, area groups have been giving a hand. The AGFC’s Black Bass Program reported via Facebook this week that 38 students (above) from the EAST program at Harrisburg Middle School planted 200 bald cypress trees around the lake.
And speaking of how far along the lake is before it can be fished again, Seth Boone, the superintendent at the Lake Poinsett State Park visitor center (870-578-2064), says this week that Lake Poinsett is filling up, though there are still no fish in it. The most recent heavy rain “really caused it to start taking form, however, and it’s probably around 16 feet from being completely full,” Seth said.
The gate at the dam at Lake Poinsett was closed Dec. 1 following the completion of three renovation, allowing the lake to begin refilling with rainwater. The project to renovate the lake included a new water control structure, more than 10,000 linear feet of shoreline work, more than 100 habitat structures placed on the lake bed, and hundreds of trees anchored for fish habitat.
When the lake has enough water for stocking, channel catfish will be stocked to give anglers target fish to seek, while prey fish such as shiners and shad will be stocked. After the prey fish have established a base over the next year or so, predator fish such as largemouth bass and crappie will then be stocked.