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NOAA Delays Decision on Atlantic Speed Restrictions

A story by Bloomberg Law reports that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is delaying their expansion of the 2008 North Atlantic Right Whale Vessel Strike Reduction rule into 2024. This harmful proposal would create one of the largest restrictions on Americans’ access to public waterways, endanger boaters, and have a devastating impact on economies up and down the Atlantic Coast.

Please note – there continues to be some confusion between the issues regarding the similarly named right whale in the Atlantic Ocean and the Rice’s whale in the Gulf of Mexico. Adding to the confusion is that both involve NOAA Fisheries. The story above deals with right whale vessel speed restrictions in the Atlantic. In the Gulf of Mexico, NOAA recently rejected a petition to establish a year-round 10-knot (11 mph) vessel speed limit in the Rice’s whale “core” habitat.

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Commerce Secretary Announces Fishery Disaster Determinations for California Salmon Fisheries

The Secretary of Commerce has determined that a commercial fishery failure due to a fishery resource disaster occurred in two California ocean and inland salmon fisheries. These fisheries are the California Sacramento River Fall Chinook and the Klamath River Fall Chinook.

Based on the details in the Fishery Disasters Improvement Act, ASA members who can document economic impact associated with this disaster may be eligible for funds. These details are still being worked out. 

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ASA Creates Guide for Atlantic Striped Bass Draft Amendment II

Recently, the ASMFC issued Draft Addendum II for Atlantic striped bass. Because these management documents are incredibly complex, ASA Atlantic Fisheries Policy Director Mike Waine developed a guide to assist in providing comments to the ASMFC by December 22.

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