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ASMFC 80th Annual Meeting Supplemental Materials Now Available

Supplemental materials for the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s 80TH Annual Meeting are now available at for the following Boards/Committees (click on “Supplemental” following each relevant committee header to access the information). For ease of access, supplemental meeting materials have been combined into one PDF –

This will be a hybrid meeting (both in-person and remote) to allow for remote participation by Commissioners and interested stakeholders (meeting process details are provided below). The agenda is subject to change. The agenda reflects the current estimate of time required for scheduled Board meetings. The Commission may adjust this agenda in accordance with the actual duration of Board meetings. Interested parties should anticipate Boards starting earlier or later than indicated herein.

Below is the list of documents included in the supplemental materials.

Revised Final Agenda

Atlantic Herring Management Board – Public Comment

American Lobster Management Board – Revised Meeting Overview and Law Enforcement Committee Comments on Draft Addendum XXVII

 Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board – Plan Development Team Updates to Draft Addendum I and Draft Addendum I to Amendment 7 to the FMP

Shad & River Herring Management Board – Technical Committee Meeting Summary; American Shad Habitat Plan for the Taunton River, Massachusetts; and Massachusetts River Herring SFMP 

Coastal Pelagics Management Board – Fishery Management Plan Review for Spanish Mackerel

East Coast Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop – Update for Commission and Council Meetings and Final Scenario Narratives

Executive Committee – Revised Draft Agenda; Draft De Minimis Policy; and North Atlantic Large Whale/American Lobster Proposed Allocations

Coastal Sharks Management Board – Revised Meeting Overview and Fishery Management Plan Review for the 2020 Fishing Year

Atlantic Menhaden Management Board – Revised Draft Agenda and Meeting Overview; Draft Addendum I to Amendment 3 of the FMP; and Advisory Panel Recommendations

ISFMP Policy Board – Draft De Minimis Policy

Webinar Information

Meeting proceedings will be broadcast daily via webinar beginning Monday, November 7 at 9 a.m. and continuing daily until the conclusion of the meeting (expected to be 2:30 p.m.) on Thursday, November 10. The webinar will allow registrants to listen to board deliberations and view presentations and motions as they occur.

Each day, the webinar will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of the first meeting so that people can troubleshoot any connectivity or audio issues they may encounter.  If you are having issues with the webinar (connecting to or audio-related issues), please contact Chris Jacobs at 703.842.0790.

To register for the webinar, please go to (Webinar ID: 153-669-435). If you are joining the webinar but will not be using voice over internet protocol (VoIP), you can also call in at 562.247.8422, access code 664-449-644. A PIN will be provided to you after joining the webinar; see webinar instructions for details on how to receive the PIN. For those who will not be joining the webinar but would like to listen in to the audio portion only, press the # key when asked for a PIN.

Meeting Process

Board chairs will ask both in-person and virtual Board members if they wish to speak. In-person members can simply raise their hands at the meeting without logging on to the webinar, while virtual members will raise their hands on the webinar. The Chair will work with staff to compile the list of speakers, balancing the flow of questions/comments between in-person and virtual attendees. The same process will be used for the public and interested stakeholders when the Board Chair provides an opportunity for public comment. Depending upon the number of commenters, the Board Chair will decide how to allocate the available time on the agenda (typically 10 minutes) to the number of people who want to speak.

Getting to Long Branch

Located on the New Jersey shore between New York City and Philadelphia, the Ocean Place Resort is easily accessible by car, train, ferry or plane. The hotel is approximately 5 minutes from the Long Branch New Jersey Transit train station where you can be picked up by the hotel shuttle service. Car service or taxi from Newark airport is 45-minute drive and the NY Waterway ferry is 20 minutes away in Atlantic Highlands. You may also take a train from Newark Airport to the Long Branch Transit train station.

Public Comment Guidelines
To provide a fair opportunity for public input, the ISFMP Policy Board approved the following guidelines for use at management board meetings.

For issues that are not on the agenda, management boards will continue to provide an opportunity to the public to bring matters of concern to the board’s attention at the start of each board meeting. Board chairs will ask members of the public to raise their hands to let the chair know they would like to speak. Depending upon the number of commenters, the board chair will decide how to allocate the available time on the agenda (typically 10 minutes) to the number of people who want to speak.

For topics that are on the agenda, but have not gone out for public comment, board chairs will provide limited opportunity for comment, taking into account the time allotted on the agenda for the topic. Chairs will have flexibility in deciding how to allocate comment opportunities; this could include hearing one comment in favor and one in opposition until the chair is satisfied further comment will not provide additional insight to the board.

For agenda action items that have already gone out for public comment, it is the Policy Board’s intent to end the occasional practice of allowing extensive and lengthy public comments. Currently, board chairs have the discretion to decide what public comment to allow in these circumstances.

In addition, the following timeline has been established for the submission of written comment for issues for which the Commission has NOT established a specific public comment period (i.e., in response to proposed management action).

  1. Comments received 3 weeks prior to the start of the meeting (October 17) will be included in the briefing materials.
  2. Comments received by 5:00 PM on Tuesday,  November 1 will be included in the supplemental materials.
  3. Comments received by 10:00 AM on Friday, November 4 will be distributed electronically to Commissioners/Board members prior to the meeting.

Comments should be submitted via email at All comments must clearly indicate the commenter’s expectation from the ASMFC staff regarding distribution.

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