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ASMFC Cancels July 5 Meetings of the Atlantic Striped Bass Board, ISFMP Policy Board & Full Commission

Arlington, VA – The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has cancelled virtual meetings of the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board, Interstate Fisheries Management (ISFMP) Policy Board and the full Commission. The three bodies were tentatively scheduled to meet on July 5 to review compliance with the emergency action taken by the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board on May 2, 2023. However, since it is anticipated that all states and jurisdictions will have implemented regulations consistent with the required 31-inch maximum size limit for striped bass recreational fisheries by July 2, there is no need for the July 5 virtual meetings.

The Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board is scheduled to meet on August 1 during the Commission’s Summer Meeting to review a summary of the comments received at the public hearings on the emergency action and consider approval of Draft Addendum II for public comment. Addendum II was initiated to address concerns about increased removals and stock rebuilding beyond 2023. It is intended to follow the 2023 emergency action, and will consider 2024 management measures designed to reduce fishing mortality to the target.

For more information, please contact Toni Kerns, Fisheries Policy Director, at or 703.842.0740.

About The ASMFC

In the early 1940s, recognizing that they could accomplish far more through cooperation rather than individual effort, the Atlantic coast states came together to form the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission). An Interstate Compact, ratified by the states and approved by the U.S. Congress in 1942, acknowledged the necessity of the states joining forces to manage their shared migratory fishery resources and affirmed the states’ commitment to cooperative stewardship in promoting and protecting Atlantic coastal fishery resources. The Commission’s mission is to promote the better utilization of the fisheries, marine, shell and anadromous, of the Atlantic seaboard by the development of a joint program for the promotion and protection of such fisheries, and by the prevention of physical waste of the fisheries from any cause.

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