BAIT KAPSULE: For The Ones You Love!

Meet “Millie,” a German Shorthair Pointer.

She may not look the part, but Millie is an avid angler. Last summer, she was out on her boat with her human — KastKing president Al Noraker — enjoying a beautiful day on the water.

Al even managed to catch a few fish.

Millie — always supportive of her bipedal friend — gets excited when Al brings a fish on board, Unfortunately, Al was a little careless and left some unprotected hooks on the front deck. That’s when disaster struck.

“I had a half dozen combos on the deck, and — of course — they all had baits tied on,” Al confessed. “When I hooked into a pretty good bass, Millie got excited and wound up with a treble hook in her leg. It was buried past the barb.”

Millie reacted in pain … some blood … and admonitions from Al that we won’t reprint here. Fortunately, after a lengthy hook removal process, she’s fine and has mostly forgiven Al.

“I had to atone,” he said, “and I did that with the new KastKing Bait Kapsule.”

The Bait Kapsule — had it existed then — would have solved all of Millie’s problems that day. It’s a sleek, ventilated, hard plastic hook and lure protector that fully encases virtually any hook or bait, keeping it out of harm’s — and Millie’s — way.

Hook and lure protectors aren’t new, but predecessors of the Bait Kapsule aren’t very good, very easy to use, or very effective, either. As a result, they haven’t been very popular. The result has been a lot of blood, swears, and tears.

Five things make the Bait Kapsule an indispensable item.

First, it’s made of hard plastic and is not a Velcro wrap-style device that attracts snags while purporting to protect hooks. The Bait Kapsule snaps shut, so there’s no doubt that it’s closed and doing its job.

Second, it’s ventilated, so hooks and baits can dry naturally without rusting.

Third, it’s sleek and features a concave underside that rests perfectly against a rod blank, so it stores well anywhere … including a rod locker. Rod sleeves slide right over it, no problem.

Fourth, it has a built-in hanger that attaches easily to the keeper on a rod, the cross bar of a casting reel, or the reel stem of a spinning reel.

Fifth, the Bait Kapsule not only protects pets and other loved ones from the hazards of sharp, pointy things, it will also protect your considerable investment in high-dollar lures. After all, if a bait is going to get scuffed up, it should happen in the mouth of a fish, not sitting on the deck of a boat or bouncing around in a rod locker.

The Bait Kapsule comes in four Millie-friendly sizes, from small to jumbo, to accommodate everything from small single hooks to big swimbaits.

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