Bass Fishing: 17 More Ways to Win

PARK FALLS, Wisc.  – Whether you’re a tournament angler competing at the highest level, a passionate recreational basser, or anything in between, St. Croix’s all-new Victory Series of high-performance American-made technique-specific bass rods are poised bring you more wins. Whatever that means to you, know that St. Croix will be celebrating all of it right there with you. Because we only win when you do.


Victory to me is when hard work, determination, your passion, and your preparation all come together and you actually win. Even when there’s no competition, it’s that feeling and that little grin you get on your face when you’re driving away from a body of water and you know you won that day; you figured out a little something and you had fun doing it. – MLF Angler and ten-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, Stephen Browning

Victory in bass fishing happens when preparation and opportunity meet. A rod is an extension of ourselves; it’s a necessary tool. If you don’t have the right tool at the right time in the right situation when opportunity comes, then victory is going to be hard to come by. But being prepared with the right rods that allow you to execute your plan is absolutely going to set you up for victory every time. – Bassmaster Elite Angler, Derek Hudnall

I define victory as getting out there and doing everything you can do to catch fish… or just having a good time on a nice day. –Montgomery High School Angler, Sofy Hartman

Victory in competitive fishing means being the best over the course of one particular week on one specific body of water. Ultimately, you have to be the best at figuring out how to get the biggest fish to bite that week, then execute. That’s victory. – MLF Big 5 Angler, Chad Grigsby

Victory to me means just going out on the water and learning new things and catching that bass that I worked really hard for. – Lake Creek High School Angler, Dallin Turner

Victory for me, personally, means getting the chance to fish professionally for a living, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. For me, the fact that I quit my job to chase the dream and then qualified two ways for the Bassmaster Elite Series – through the Bassmaster Opens and the Bass Nation Championship – was real affirmation. Achieving my goal through two different avenues in one year was definitely a big victory. – Bassmaster Elite Angler, Pat Schlapper

Victory to me is any day on the water when I feel like I learned something new… anything that betters me as an angler. – Lake Creek High School Angler, Cade Lipham


The NEW Victory 17 expands St. Croix’s Victory series to 25 total models, giving bass anglers of all levels unprecedented choice in selecting the proper tools for a complete range of bass presentations. From bombing hair jigs and spy baits, to chatterbaits, to heaving and retrieving 8-ounce swimbaits, it’s all there in this complete and balanced assortment of high-performance, technology-laden, American-crafted rods – backed by a 15-year transferrable warranty – that cost a fraction of other “elite-level” rods in the marketplace. Watch for more details later this week and see them all in the St. Croix Booth (#2223) at ICAST 2021.


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