BassForecast Uses “Moneyball” Method To Increase Catch Rates

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BassForecast Uses “Moneyball” Method To Increase Catch Rates

ARLINGTON, Texas As anglers from across the nation embarked on the annual Bassmaster Classic and Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, June 11-13, 2021, hundreds of thousands of bass fishing enthusiasts watched in earnest to pick up the latest and greatest tips from the pros that help them catch more bass.

BassForecast, the #1 rated bass fishing app of 2020 by Google and Apple and the #5 rated sports app in April of 2020 out of more than 53,000 sports apps, is helping those every day bass anglers who don’t fish for a living make bass catching decisions just like the pros…by studying weather patterns several days before fishing and then applying seasonal patterning techniques to maximize fish catching odds.

“There are more than 30 million bass anglers in the U.S. Many of these individuals have a limited amount of time to spend on the water after juggling family, work and other commitments,” said Mike Mehlmann, co-founder of BassForecast. “Using the Moneyball method, we compiled the best bass industry data about weather related feeding behavior and seasonal patterning information including fish location, presentation and top baits for each of the nine bass seasons in a year.  We then created a software electronics tool that makes it extremely easy for any angler to surface all of this information up to 10 days in advance of their time on the water.”

The #1 skill that professional anglers have that most amateurs do not, is the ability to adapt to everchanging weather patterns to catch bass more often. BassForecast solves that pain point, and is ideal for all bass anglers whether they’re on the professional circuit or enjoy recreational fishing. In its first study, after years of designing, developing and testing their mobile electronic software, BassForecast increased bass catch rates from 68% to 305%.

“We have received thousands of stories from customers sharing their PB’s (personal best) and also showing their loved ones some of the best days of their lives on the water by using BassForecast,” stated Mehlmann. “This is what motivates us…to know that we are helping so many people create lifelong memories and bragging rights.”

The technology uses simplified bass science and makes best practices data easily accessible for every angler. The program displays bass fishing conditions, weather, patterns, top baits to use, best lake locations and more.

If you want to be more successful bass fishing than you’ve been in the past, BassForecast is a must have tool. Don’t leave the lake wondering what you should have done differently. Download BassForecast today on Google and Apple.

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