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Be a Responsible Angler

One of the basic principles of good ethics is doing what’s right even if no one is watching. One of the most common fishing blunders is fishing too close to a fellow angler. However, the definition of “too close” really varies depending on the situation. For example, the distance an angler could ethically fish next to another angler on the Salmon River (Pulaski) during the height of salmon season may be just ten feet, while on a remote trout stream in the Adirondacks, 200 feet might even be considered too close. Below are some suggestions to consider when it comes to sharing space with other anglers.

  • Give other anglers the same amount of space you would like to have.
  • Don’t encroach on other anglers who may have arrived in your favorite spot first. It’s better to try another location and come back when the spot is clear.
  • Give non-anglers the space they need to enjoy their activity, as they have as much right to be out there as you do.

For more information see the Safe and Responsible Angling chapter in the I FISH NY Beginners Guide to Freshwater Fishing.

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