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Believe the Hype: Anglers Weigh in on Live Sonar

No fishing technology in recent memory has created more conversation on social media and message boards than live sonar. And this online chatter has proven itself on the water, because no fishing technology has changed the sport more dramatically overnight than MEGA Live Imaging™️ (although strong arguments also can be made that both Spot-Lock® and MEGA 360 Imaging™ are equally valuable tools—more on that later).

The ability to see fish and structure in real-time, even watching fish on-screen as they move in to bite the lure, has given a decisive edge to tournament anglers and other avids who have mastered this new weapon.

And ever since Humminbird entered the live sonar arms race, that advantage has only grown, while the learning curve has shortened. This can be credited to the best-in-class clarity of its MEGA Imaging®️ technologies and the angler-first usability that Humminbird has long been well known for in fishing circles.

Whether at the dock or on YouTube, serious anglers are not holding back their excitement for what MEGA Live brings to their digital tacklebox, and how they’re using it to fill their livewells. To give you a front-row seat on this fish-finding revolution, we’ve compiled some of the best takes and latest-breaking news here.

A Secret Weapon No More

One of the first to install MEGA Live on his boat, Bassmaster champion Brandon Palaniuk could barely contain himself as he explained the benefits of adding MEGA Live to his on-water arsenal:MEGALive Native Email640x360 SecretWeapon 1

For a primer on MEGA Live Imaging™ and how to read it, look no further than this tutorial video from the makers of the technology themselves:MEGALive Native Email640x360 SecretWeapon 2

Tim Little from shares the basics of live, forward-facing sonar along with his reasons for choosing MEGA Live over the other options out there:MEGALive Native Email640x360 SecretWeapon 3

Watch as Terry Blankenship shows how he locates and catches crappies on brush piles using his Humminbird MEGA Live Imaging:MEGALive Native Email640x360 SecretWeapon 4

Lock On, Fish On

Humminbird has always played the long game. And there is now evidence that MEGA Live’s debut is only the beginning of another wave of innovation from the company’s engineering team. Voted “Best of Electronics” at ICAST 2022, MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock™ is an upgraded package delivering exclusive fish-finding features beyond the base MEGA Live feature set, while also offering full use of the Minn Kota Ultrex—widely recognized as the premier trolling motor in the sport. What makes TargetLock so compelling to anglers is its ability to lock the sonar view onto structure, while also unlocking another game-changing fishing technology of the past several years: Minn Kota Spot-Lock.

TargetLock is the kind of tech you have to see in action to fully appreciate. Watch how this MEGA Live upgrade allows you to lock onto fish-holding structure, whether your boat is moving or anchored using Spot-Lock:MEGALive Native Email640x360 LockOn FishOn 1

For an angler’s perspective, check out fishing legend Kevin VanDam’s first impressions of MEGA Live TargetLock:MEGALive Native Email640x360 LockOn FishOn 2

Another decorated bass fisherman, Carl Jocumsen, hits the lake for the first time with MEGA Live Imaging TargetLock and breaks down some of the scenarios where he can see this new live sonar platform helping anglers:MEGALive Native Email640x360 LockOn FishOn 3

And finally, Terry Blankenship shares a first look at new TargetLock and uses it to find (and catch) crappie:MEGALive Native Email640x360 LockOn FishOn 4

The Perfect Combination

Remember, MEGA Live is only the most recent innovation in the MEGA Imaging lineup. All of these imaging technologies can be used together, including MEGA 360 Imaging—the game-changing sonar view that Humminbird launched right before MEGA Live. MEGA 360 is an incredible search tool, allowing fishermen to quickly survey the water for underwater structure and other areas likely to hold fish. Once they identify a spot, they can use MEGA Live to instantly verify if it’s holding fish—and then TargetLock to lock in their sonar view.

See how to increase your fishing odds by combining MEGA 360 with MEGA Live TargetLock:MEGALive Native Email640x360 PerfectCombo 1

Want an angler’s point of view? Brandon Palaniuk breaks down the benefits of having both MEGA Live and MEGA 360 on this boat:MEGALive Native Email640x360 PerfectCombo 2

One Final Insider Tip

Decking out your boat with new hardware is one way to grow your fishing arsenal, but don’t overlook the software inside your Humminbird head unit. Without spending a dime, you can improve your fish finder’s performance, especially with a new MEGA Live firmware update now available for download at This free software upgrade gives MEGA Live even greater detail and range capabilities, with improved bait tracking. Additional performance upgrades and compatibility with the new TargetLock accessory are also included.

Download it for yourself here.

Now that you’ve seen what all the fuss is about, are you ready to join the MEGA Live movement? Visit for more great content, to view compatibility and to shop available models today.

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