Berkley Introduces the PowerBait Gilly

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Bass fishing in Japan continues to influence American anglers, especially when it comes to new finesse presentations and swim baits. Always in search of an on-the-water advantage, Berkley pro Mike Iaconelli regularly looks abroad to find the next big technique, which led to the inspiration for the new Berkley PowerBait Gilly.

Berkley’s bait scientists took Ike’s notes and put their own unique stamp on it, including the infusion of the bait with the famed PowerBait flavor that makes fish hold on longer for more hooksets. Beyond flavor, Berkley designed the bait so the hollow head section is soft enough to collapse during strikes and keep the bait swimming upright regardless of how it’s rigged. The tabs built into the tail section give the bait a remarkably lifelike motion in the water, looking exactly like an easy meal. Texas rigged sideways, on a jig head or even a dropshot, the new Gilly is as realistic as it is versatile.

• Pro-inspired design from Berkley pro Mike Iaconelli with heavy influence from Japanese designs and techniques
• Remarkably lifelike shape, color and action
• Hollow head section collapses easier with strikes and helps keep the bait oriented in an upright posture when swimming
• Packed with Berkley’s famed PowerBait flavor so anglers have the chance to set the hook on every bite
• Can be rigged weedless sideways as a Texas rig; or on a jig head, with a weighted swimbait hook, line-through stinger hook rig or on a drop shot
• Available in HD Tru Colors and standard injected colors

Berkley PowerBait Gilly
Sizes: 90mm and 90mm HD • 110mm and 110mm HD • 130mm and 130mm HD
Package Count: 90mm –  4 • 110mm – 3 • 130mm – 2
Colors: HD Warmouth • HD Yellow Perch • HD Sunfish • HD Pumpkinseed • HD Bluegill • HD Crappie • Black Blue Fleck • Blue Shiner Gold • Ike’s Green Pumpkin Blue Flash • Green Pumpkin • Pumpkinseed • Watermelon Candy
MSRP: $6.49 Standard Colors/$7.49 HD Tru Colors
Available: September 2021

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