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No matter if you’re heading to the fresh water or the salt, chasing a bucket-list largemouth on a lake or casting a fly to a finicky bonefish on the flats, your feet will take a beating. Think about it: fishermen are on our feet nearly all day when we’re on the water. The pounding of the boat or the miles we walk add to the stress and strain. And all too often, we might find ourselves in footwear with less-than-optimal arch support. 

Fortunately, Fish Monkey has designed the world’s premier line of socks which are specifically engineered for sport fishing. These products are available in a variety of lengths and weights to suit virtually any weather condition, from 90 degrees in the tropics to below zero on the ice. And perhaps even best of all, Fish Monkey has teamed up with one of the oldest and most respected sock mills in America to produce this outstanding performance fishing sock line right here in the United States.

Each sock design in the new line has several common features. The first is the use of merino wool in the construction. While you might think of wool as something suitable for just cold weather, it’s actually perfect for warmer climates thanks to its properties of being a natural moisture-wicker, not to mention super soft and comfortable. And merino wool is the best on the planet. The Lightweight Guide Series—with a Tab No Show, Mini Crew, Boot Cut and Over the Calf designs—uses a blend of 60 percent merino wool, 38 percent nylon and 2 percent Lycra for stretch. The Medium Weight Boot Crew and Over the Calf socks boost the merino wool to 75 percent; the Heavyweight Boot-Crew and Over the Calf also consist of 75-percent merino wool construction.

Arch support is another key factor that’s often overlooked. By providing additional support and cushioning, you’re protecting your feet from not just fatigue during the day but also possible long-term damage. Fish Monkey socks have arch compression as well as premium cushioning in the heel and toe areas for all-day comfort. 

Moisture wicking is a third point. Anyone who’s ever experienced cold, clammy feet understands the need to pull moisture away from the foot and ankle area for maximum comfort, especially when wearing rubber boots. The merino wool, nylon and Lycra are all superb moisture wickers. And you won’t experience any chafing or discomfort thanks to a seamless toe area and a Y-gore heel, which helps ensure these socks stay where they’re supposed to. 

When you want the very best socks on the water, reach for Fish Monkey. Your feet will thank you! To learn more, head over to

Among the new sock lines, there is a lightweight Guide Series featuring a No Show ankle sock and a Mini Crew designed specifically for use with deck boots; the medium-weight Back Country series showcases a Boot Cut sock as well as an Over the Calf design for use with waders. The heavyweight Yeti line has both Boot Cut and Over the Calf socks in a heavier, warmer construction—the ultimate cold-weather sock.  

Each product in the new line has several common features, including merino wool construction for superior performance, a premium cushioned heel and toe with no-seam construction, vented panels for moisture management, arch compression and much more. 

With the current worldwide reach of the Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey brands, the addition of performance socks is a natural market progression that will lead to increased retail sales and a happier customer at the end of the day. To learn more, head to

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