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BIG Rainbow Trout Stocked In Several Southeast Idaho Fisheries

Several small fisheries in southeast Idaho have recently received rainbow trout broodstock donated by two private Idaho hatcheries, Riverence-Lost River and Riverence-Soda Springs.  

During the last two weeks of October, Idaho Fish and Game staff stocked over 1800 of these donated trout in Chesterfield Reservoir, Springfield Lake, McTucker Pond, Edson Fichter Pond, and Bannock Reservoir (Wellness Complex) to improve catch rates and provide trophy-sized opportunities at these fisheries.  The donated fish range in size from 4 to 9 pounds! Over the past several years, these broodstock were spawned to produce eggs until they were retired and donated for Fish and Game’s stocking program.

Water bodyApproximate weight of each fish (lbs.)Number stocked
Chesterfield Reservoir                            4         600
Springfield Lake                            5         915
McTucker Pond                            6         200
Edson Fichter Pond                            9         65
Bannock Reservoir                            9         65

Idaho Fish and Game has seen success with stocking efforts like this before.  Last fall, donated broodstock were released to Chesterfield Reservoir, and anglers reported catching these fish throughout the winter!  Surveys of Springfield Lake completed in 2023 identified that the trout population was suffering there, and these recently stocked lunkers are expected to have an immediate impact for that fishery.  Stocking schedules and stocking reports can be found at Fish and Game’s Fish Stocking webpage.

A woman netting large rainbow trout out of a tank on a fish hatchery truck with a blue reservoir in the background.
Fish Culturist, Stephanie Yeager, from Mackay Fish Hatchery nets two lunker rainbow trout from a hatchery truck to be released into Springfield Lake near Springfield, Idaho. The trout are broodstock donated by Riverence Hatchery-Little Lost. October 2023.
A man wearing a dark green coat is releasing large rainbow trout from a net into a lake while standing on the shore.
Regional Fisheries Manager Patrick Kennedy from Idaho Fish and Game’s Southeast Region releases two large rainbow trout to Springfield Lake near Springfield, Idaho. These fish were among several hundred large broodstock donated by Riverence Hatchery-Little Lost for stocking in this fishery. Another 1800 donated broodstock were released by Idaho Fish and Game to other Southeast Region fisheries in late October 2023.
Two large rainbow trout being released into a pond from a handheld net.
Over 1800 monster rainbow trout donated by Riverence Hatcheries were released by Idaho Fish and Game to Edson Fichter Pond, Bannock Reservoir (Wellness Complex), and other southeast Idaho fisheries in late October 2023.
A man wearing an Idaho Fish and Game hat and coat is transferring a netful of large rainbow trout to a small water tank on a transport truck.
Fisheries Technician Ethan Orach with Idaho Fish and Game transfers a netful of large rainbow trout to a water tank. The fish were among 65 large broodstock trout donated by Riverence Hatchery-Soda Springs for stocking in Edson Fichter Pond. Over 1800 large broodstock rainbows were released to several southeast Idaho fisheries in late October 2023.

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