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Biggest Smallmouth Limit Ever? 36.90 Pounds from Michigan Lake

Jay Kumar’s report from BassBlaster:  Lookit those things!! Andrew lives in northern MI, where that limit was caught, and was cool with sharing what went down:
> “I fish 5-6 lakes pretty heavy…. There’s a lake I go to, I fish it every fall – I think I got it down pretty well to when those big fish eat.
> “I had been fishing there quite a few times…caught 33-lb bag before that one and a lot of upper 20s bags. …between 47 and 52 degrees, spring too, you can go back every year and catch those really big fish – those 7s and we get quite a few 6-lbers to where we’re hunting for those 7s and potential 8s.
> “It seems like…south wind is always good this time of year, usually little bit of warmer wind.
> “I’d been there 2-3 times a week prior to that day…been fishing 25-32′ deep out there and this day they were more like 17-22′ so it was really weird…not where they had been the past few weeks.
> “I was catching them off deep rock with some big boulders mixed in. All of those big fish from that limit came off one rock, one huge huge boulder. They do have access to deep water close by….
> “I had this rock marked on side imaging, had it lined up perfect – Spot-Lock and LiveScope and everything, kept picking away at them. I was fishing swimbaits but pretty much crawling them along the bottom – throwing 3/8 to 3/4, depending on the wind…3″ and 4″ [Megabass] Spark Shads…usually on a football head, kind of crawling them along. …fish deep and slow and being patient.

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