Bill Lewis ATV Squarebill

The Bill Lewis SB57 is arguably the best squarebill for rocks and wood with its tough, honeycomb construction and circuit board lip. Meanwhile, our Echo is one of the best squarebills for fishing over grass. The ATV is designed to do both. It excels in ALL TERRAIN. Expect the ATV Squarebill to have a tighter wiggle than the Echo and get down a bit deeper too.

The body and action are quite like the SB57, but the lip is made to snap out of grass-tops more like the Echo. ​ As for colors, we’ve got them dialed, and once you hook up expect to stay connected with the Mustad Triple grips that come standard on ATV’s.

Made to run 2-6 ft with the larger sizes running deepest, we’ll offer the ATV in the below three sizes to best size up with the baitfish bass feed on.

SIZES 1.0, 1.5, 2.5

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