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BioSpawn Continues Line Expansion with Two New Releases

Chicago – IL, – BioSpawn Lures, a leading brand of soft plastic fishing lures from Catch Co., the creators of brands like Mystery Tackle Box, Karl’s Fishing & Outdoors, and other top brands in the fishing industry, today launched two new baits in the already impressive BioSpawn lineup. The all new BioSpawn VileMinnow and ExoNed are two additions that are going to appeal to anglers from North to South. The VileMinnow continues to bolster the BioSpawn lineup, with the soft plastic jerkbait as one of the last gaps to fill. One of the most popular and classic baits in bass fishing, the soft plastic jerkbait imitates a darting baitfish, and is usually fished weightless with an EWG hook or with a slightly weighted screw lock hook. The VileMinnow features an elongated split tail that provides plenty of action, as well as a strategically placed hook slot to improve its ability to stay weedless. The ExoNed leverages the segmentation style found on the ExoStick and ExoRibbon, in a shortened profile perfect for ned rigging. This bait is made from ultra-durable Stretch-X plastic and floats up, off the bottom. Finished with antennae that always quiver, replicating organic movement.

biospawn vileminnow

The VileMinnow was designed to be fished several different ways. It is best fished with a lightweight (1/16-¼ oz) screw lock EWG hook, or weightless on an EWG hook, offset worm hook, or screw lock EWG hook from 2/0-4/0. When using a spinning rod, BioSpawn recommends 7’-7’3” M-MH action with a 2500 sized reel, 30lb-50lb braid or 12 lb-14 lb fluorocarbon. When using a baitcasting rod, the recommended setup is a 7’-7’6 MH and 12-14lb fluorocarbon or 30-50lb braid.

The ExoNed was designed to be used with spinning gear, with a recommended 6’9”-7’3” M-MH rod and 2500 size reel on 8-12lb fluorocarbon fishing line, paired with Ned style heads from 1/16-3/8oz, or as a jig trailer. The ExoNed is made of Stretch-X plastic, so it is ultra durable, floats off the bottom, and should not be stored with other plastics.

“The new VileMinnow has a traditional look but its action breaks the traditional mold by a long shot largely due to its elongated split tail that gives the bait far more action when twitching through the water column. Aside from fishing it on its own, it makes a super bladed jig trailer too! As for the ExoNed, anyone who follows me knows I’m a smallmouth junkie. Obsessed with them actually. The ExoNed is going to be a smallmouth smasher with its crawfish style profile and ribbed sides to move more water. Pair it with my personally designed Perfect Ned Head from Outkast Tackle, for a stand up presentation that BIG smallies can’t deny!” said Josh Douglas, Bassmaster Elite Series and BioSpawn Pro.

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