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Bonito Among Spring Arrivals on NC Coast

By this time of year, we are getting tired of the cold winds that blow us off the water for days at a time. Fleece pullovers and windbreakers are getting worn out and have stains on top of stains. Thoughts of summer and warm weather are creeping into subconscious, conscious and even unconscious thought. The cold bluster is just getting old.

May brings with it the promise of warm southwest breezes and pleasant days on the water. The ability to finally get in a small boat and go through an inlet, go into the ocean, and catch a fish close to shore is the true sign of approaching summer.

Check those water temperatures. When it gets above 60, there will be bluefish. Most of them will be on the small size but they will be eager. They’ll eat anything you throw at them. Drop a jig to the bottom. More than likely something will eat it. Pinfish. Spot tail pinfish. Seabass. All kinds of things.

We used to get a lot of big gray trout this way. I keep hearing they are getting more abundant in Long Island Sound. I’ve gotten a few reports here and there about more guys getting them in this area. Not big like we used to get. You can only keep one, so be aware. Let me know if you find any. Primarily, you’ll find small bluefish. Probably lots of them.

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