BOOYAH Delivers Legendary Swim Jig

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BOOYAH Delivers Legendary Swim Jig

Every mob has its secret weapons, and Oklahoma’s Muddy Water Mob is no exception. In truth the secret of this elite group of Arkansas River tournament anglers – a custom designed swim jig – has been slipping out for years. Only so many tournaments can be won on the same bait before other anglers start to figure out something.


Last year, Oklahoma’s Chris Jones brought broader attention to the Mobster Swim Jig when he used it to win a Bassmaster Central Open on the Arkansas River, earning him a spot in the 2021 Bassmaster Classic. He then used the same jig to earn a 3rd place finish in the Classic, which was held in June on Lake Ray Roberts in Texas.


BOOYAH Bait Company worked with Jones and other members of the Muddy Water Mob to create the Mobster Swim Jig, which holds true to this jig’s original design and is loaded with features and built from premium components.


The Mobster features a custom designed head shape that slides effortlessly through thick cover and creates a lifelike swimming action. Features include a dual-wire keeper to hold trailers securely, even in the thick stuff, and a weedguard with optimal stiffness for staying out of snags but allowing for solid hooksets. It’s also equipped with a stout, ultra-sharp black nickel hook and a high-quality skirt.


The Mobster comes in 5/16- and ½-ounce sizes, which are armed with a 4/O and 5/O hook, respectively. Both sizes come in all the Muddy Water Mob’s favorite colors: Grand, The Fuzz, Too Tall, The Cleaner, Tommy Gun, Shorty Small, The Numbers, Badabing and Enforcer.


MSRP: $4.49