BOOYAH’s Best Hardbaits-in One Package

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BOOYAH’s Best Hardbaits-in One Package

Bass anglers can seriously upgrade their lure arsenals in one step with BOOYAH’s new Elite 3-Pack. This kit includes three of BOOYAH’s best hard baits, each different in its role and all in top colors and sizes. The Elite 3-Pack includes a Rayburn Red ½-ounce Hard Knocker, Bone Shiner 2-inch Boss Pop and Perch XRS100 square lip crankbait.


The Hard Knocker is a loud high-pitched rattler with a tight wiggle that is outstanding for main lake structural features like points and humps and for covering water. Rayburn Red imitates crawfish very effectively and provides high visibility.


The Boss Pop can make a broad range of sounds and can be scurried along to spit and chug and call up schooling fish, worked slowly around cover or anything in-between. Bone Shiner offers an outstanding shad imitation and excellent visibility in a broad range of conditions.


The XRS is a silent crankbait with a square lip design that allows it to plow through shallow cover to prompt strikes. Perch provides a perfect imitation of bluegills and related sunfish and the color’s namesake, perch, suggesting those forage species that are most apt to be near shallow cover.


MSRP: $18.99