Breeders of New Fish Hope to Tickle Taste Buds of Salmon, Cod and Tuna Lovers

Attention seafood lovers! Gabor Hetyey strongly recommends a new dish: fried catfish.

Hetyey is no restaurant chef in his native Hungary. Rather, he belongs to a Budapest-based organization that helped breed a new variety of catfish after a decade of research.

Best breed

His non-profit entity coordinated an EU-funded project to show the promises of fish farming, also known as aquaculture. The new type of catfish developed as a result of the initiative can adapt quickly to different breeding environments, grows faster and is more resistant to diseases.

‘One of the main outputs of the project was the newly created German-Hungarian hybrid catfish, bred from two of the most excellent yet unrelated lines,’ said Hetyey, managing director of Kseris.

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