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Is there a better time to go fishing than June? From North to South, in lakes and rivers, inshore and offshore, fishing action now is better than most any other time of the year. June is also the month when we celebrate and recognize Dads – all of the Dads in our lives – and spend some time doing the thing Dads like best: fishing. Trusted by anglers for generations, the tackle experts at Mustad stand ready to help you and Dad land a limit this Father’s Day and build long-lasting memories of success on the water.

Present lifelike lures from LIVETARGET

Old fish – trophy-sized fish – are smart fish. These denizens of the deep have seen it all and learned to avoid eating anything that doesn’t look and act just like it’s supposed to. The master lurecrafters at LIVETARGET leverage a highly evolved research and development process to ensure that no detail is overlooked and no shortcuts are taken on the path to creating the most realistic lures that fish – even the oldest, smartest ones – have ever seen. This Father’s Day, tip the odds in Dad’s favor with an ample supply of LIVETARGET lures.

mustad fathers day livetarget perch

Nothing beats the thrill of a topwater strike. The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog combines lifelike anatomy, detailed color, and effortless action to elevate topwater bass fishing to a whole new level. The frog’s soft body collapses easily on the strike, allowing the custom double hooks to bite and hold. Ideally used around grass and lily pads, the Hollow Body Frog’s weedless design enables anglers to probe the thickest cover, where traditional topwaters fear to swim. If Dad loves to play the multispecies game, have him tie on a LIVETARGET Sonic Shad Blade Bait, which mimics a young shad fluttering in distress. The profile of the unique inner-core produces a lifelike strobing flash, attracting game fish from a distance. Snap the rod tip to impart an erratic darting action, then drop the rod tip to generate a tantalizing falling shimmy that few fish can resist.

If Dad’s favorite bites happen in saltwater, be sure he takes a supply of LIVETAEGET Slow-Roll Mullet soft baits and Sardine Twitchbaits. LIVETARGET’s Injected Core Technology (ICT) makes the Slow-Roll Mullet the ideal paddletail swimbait with exceptionally realistic action and appearance. The Inner-Core perfectly matches the shape, profile, and coloration of a mullet, while the Exo-Skin generates a hard-thumping action that moves the whole body. The result is a lifelike lure with a subtle yet enticing rolling action. The Sardine Twitchbait is the perfect offering for cruising predators searching for this prolific baitfish. Rapidly gaining the attention of seasoned saltwater anglers, this bait has an erratic action whether twitched with a slow or an aggressive retrieve. Its quick start and stop action is proven to trigger strikes from the wariest saltwater predators.

mustad fathers day livetarget sardine

Secure Dad’s trophies with TUF-LINE

Modern braided lines from TUF-LINE belong on all of Dad’s reels. Engineered for extreme sensitivity and unmatched durability, TUF-LINE braids help anglers feel more bites and extract fish from the heaviest cover. Because braided lines have a much smaller diameter than stretchy, old-school monofilament, reels can hold more braid than other line options. With help from TUF-LINE, Dad will never have to worry about getting spooled by a trophy-caliber catch.

TUF-LINE DOMIN8 elevates braided line to the next level. A premium 8-strand braid, DOMIN8 has a round profile and a smooth finish that will help maximize Dad’s casting distance. The tight weave of DOMIN8 means that even 10-pound-test braid has the same diameter as 4-pound-test monofilament – perfect for filling the spools of the 1000-series spinning reels that Dad uses for chasing panfish. Step up to 15-pound-test DOMIN8 if your Father’s Day fishing adventure includes bass fishing using drop shot rigs. TUF-LINE DOMIN8 is truly The Ultimate Fishing Line.

mustad fathers day tuffline

Rely on tremendous tools from Mustad

The success of every fishing trip relies on tools – for trimming knots and cutting line, unhooking and cleaning fish, storing gear and even carrying supplies to and from the boat. Complete Dad’s essential fishing tool selection with dependable and durable implements from Mustad.

Pliers are perhaps the most universal of all angling tools. Mustad’s Aluminum Fishing Pliers feature a durable CNC-Machined aluminum design. With stainless steel jaws, a split ring opener and a Tungsten Carbide cutter, these pliers can handle nearly any situation. Their Teflon finish ensures excellent saltwater corrosion resistance. Give Dad the gift of perfectly-trimmed knots with Mustad’s Small Braid Scissors Eco. These compact scissors are perfect for snipping braid, fluorocarbon or mono while rigging up for the next cast. Their soft grip and blunt tip provide comfort and safety while out on the water. If Dad is a fan of slow-pitch jigging, he’s sure to love the waterproof Mustad Jig Pouch, which features 12 slots for jigs up to 6” and ten slots for smaller jigs, plus two large pockets for jigging accessories like assist hooks, leader material and more.

mustad fathers day mustad pliers

Help Dad get his essential gear to and from the boat with the Mustad Boat Bag. Engineered from durable, water-resistant 500 Denier Tarpaulin and designed with a hard box style bottom, the Mustad Boat Bag protects gear from water, sand, and dust, and has ample room for clothing, camera, and much more. At the end of a successful trip, make sure that Dad can clean the day’s catch quickly, precisely, and safely with help from Mustad’s Knife Kit, which includes 7″ and 8″ Fillet Knives and a 9″ Boning Knife. These stainless-steel blades are PTFE-coated for a sharp and smooth filleting experience. The Knife Kit also features a hand-held sharpener with the same well-designed ergonomics as the knives. A roll-up bag keeps the knives together and protected while Dad is on the move.

mustad fathers day mustad boat bag

June is here, and Father’s Day is coming soon. Make time to take Dad fishing, and build memories together with help from Mustad.

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