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Bycatch Reduction Week

Join us for Bycatch Reduction Week, August 22–26, 2022, as we focus on the development, testing, and adoption of gears that reduce bycatch in U.S. fisheries. Bycatch can be fish, marine mammals, sea turtles, and seabirds that become hooked or entangled in fishing gear, and that fishermen do not want, cannot sell, or are not allowed to keep.

NOAA Fisheries is committed to minimizing bycatch in U.S. fisheries to ensure our fisheries are sustainable and protected species are given the best chance to recover. We use science and technology to develop innovative solutions to help reduce bycatch in commercial fisheries. Along with the fishing industry and other partners, we accurately monitor and estimate bycatch and research and develop tools to reduce bycatch of non-target fish.

To reduce bycatch, NOAA Fisheries invests in technological innovations that make fishing gear more selective and that helps fishermen target the fish they can and want to sell. We also invest in technology that increases the chance of survival for animals caught alive that are released. Explore the features below to learn more about our bycatch reduction efforts.

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