Calcutta Outdoors Announces New Product Offerings for Danielson

Morehead City, NC – As the industry leader in Terminal Tackle and Lures, Danielson is excited to introduce two new products that every Trout Angler will want:  the new Niagara Spin™ Inline Spinners and the newest innovation, CHOMP! Trout Paste.


Niagara Spin Inline Spinners– Since 1943, Danielson has been creating winning designs to help anglers catch trout across North America.  This year we are thrilled to launch our new Niagara Spin™ Series of spinners.

Each spinner is equipped with a double-strong steel shaft to avoid a bent lure that no longer spins.  Plus, they feature holographic blades, vibrant and durable paints, and a unique egg bead on the treble, for added fish attraction.  We have built 2 families of Niagara Spins™ – The silver series is best in clear waters and sunny days, while our gold

CHOMP!® Trout Paste – Today we are launching our new Chomp!® Trout Paste.  Chomp!® is a proven fish catching paste available in 6 trout catching colors and 3 different scents – Shrimp, Cheese, and Garlic.  Our paste is super sticky to withstand multiple casts and it floats. Chomp!® is impregnated with glitter to ensure great visibility to trout and has a long-lasting scent to help seal the deal once a trout gets close.



The real innovation is in unique bottle that Chomp!® comes in.

No longer will an angler need to go pawing through a jar to dig out

the right amount of paste. With Chomp!®, simply squeeze the tube

and a perfect cylinder of paste is instantly ready to be wrapped

around you hook.


Once you are done baiting up, simply snap the bottle closed to keep

your bait fresh for the next use.  Chomp!® not only catches fish,

but it also makes the process cleaner and easier, with less waste.

No clean up time and more memories catching trout with your family.


Chomp!® Trout Paste will be available January 2022.

About Danielson®:

For over 70 years Danielson® has been the industry leader in Terminal Tackle and Lures. From swivels and floats, hooks and line, to lures, rigs, snells, tools and gear, Danielson® provides anglers with the best quality products to enhance their fishing experience.

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About Calcutta Outdoors:

Calcutta Outdoors is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer products for the outdoor sports and recreation market. We provide consumers with a wide range of performance-driven, innovative products, including fishing rods, fishing tackle, coolers, drinkware, outdoor apparel, paddle sports and marine accessories.


We are dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors—and helping grow the companies that serve them. Our goal is to deliver products that embrace the value of hard work and allow people to maximize their free time outdoors. No matter what type of recreation, we want to make the outdoor experience more enjoyable and productive.


The outdoors is in our DNA. Calcutta Outdoors’ team has over 105 years of combined experience in the outdoor sporting goods and recreation market. Team members have led, and worked with, some of the outdoor industry’s best-known brands. We work hard and when it’s time to enjoy the outdoors, each of us wants to use products that we can rely on and trust.


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